For all existing and future Umbraco Cloud customers, we are proud to introduce: Umbraco Latch. 

Latch? Yes, a safety latch for your projects. Or more specifically; a feature that means you never again have to worry about getting and updating TLS certificates for your projects - we do it for you.


Free of charge.  


Safety as part of the Umbraco Cloud package

We believe that secure sites shouldn’t be a paid add-on - it should come as a standard in your hosting solution. Many hosting providers ask for an extra fee to keep your sites' TLS certificates up to date - we won't. By having your projects on Umbraco Cloud means that the data users submit are encrypted and safe as part of the package.  

Make Google happy - make your clients happy!

By ensuring your projects have strong TLS encryption, Google rewards you. From early July 2018, Google has announced that they'll start to rate down sites in their search results that do not meet these high security standards. A prioritisation we fully support. By being on Umbraco Cloud, you and your clients' sites are safe. You won't risk being downgraded, thus lose traffic, and the https:// will stay a reassuring green colour, so your visitors know they are on a safe, reliable and professional site. 

You'll never have to forget it again

In the past you had to remember to review your certificates every few years. With Latch, you don't. This means there's one less thing to forget. And one more thing you can tell your clients is handled for them - automatically, simply because their sites are on Umbraco Cloud.  


Never has being safe been more hot

It's our priority to give our clients - and their clients - easy access to features that'll make their sites even safer. Never has it been more important. Umbraco Latch is a big step in the right direction. We are also very proud donators to Let's Encrypt and our focus with security will of course stay a priority going forwards. 

How to activate Umbraco Latch?

You don't. That's the beauty of it. Simply by being on Umbraco Cloud you have it.

All new sites on Umbraco will now have Latch included and all existing sites will shortly be informed when Latch will be activated. And did we mentioned that it's at no extra cost to you? 

Ready to latch onto the Latch?

As well as all the other time and hassle-saving features that are included in the Umbraco Cloud package. Sign-up for a free 14 day trial of Umbraco Cloud today.

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