You can easily have your Umbraco 7 CMS sites upgraded to run on Umbraco Cloud. It is a simple process, but it comes with a few requirements.

Your Umbraco CMS site has to fullfill this list of requirements

  • Has no more content nodes than your plan covers (Starter plan: 1000 - Pro Plan: 25000)
  • No member data (you have to import these manually)
  • No obsolete/old packages
  • Isn't a website that has been upgraded from versions below 7

If you have a site that doesn't meet the above requirements, feel free to contact us and we will help you find a solution.

Need support during the upgrade?

If you have purchased an Umbraco Cloud Professional plan Umbraco HQ will help you upgrade your site to Umbraco Cloud, provided that the above requirements are met.

New Umbraco Cloud sites are not limited

These requirements are only relevant when upgrading sites during import of legacy code and data-structures.

Number of active installs
Number of active members in the community
Known free Umbraco packages available

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