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Umbraco Heartcore - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about Umbraco Heartcore

Can I try Umbraco Heartcore before I buy?

Yes you can take a free 14 day trial. The trial gives you the ability to test most of the functionality in Heartcore.

Remember that since Umbraco Heartcore is a headless CMS it comes without a presentation layer. So to get you started quickly, we have created a NodeJS client library and a .NET client library in GitHub, where you will also find a sample site and code samples.

Try Umbraco Heartcore

How does Umbraco Heartcore compare to other headless products?

Generally, the main difference between Umbraco Heartcore and the many other headless vendors / options is that Umbraco Heartcore is the experience and feedback that is a result of Umbraco’s long history as an open source CMS.

We have many years of experience in creating a friendly backend and editing experience that editors love to use, that is flexible and that has a structure that makes it easy to work with for both developers and content editors.


What is the difference between Umbraco Heartcore and Umbraco Cloud?

Umbraco Heartcore comes with a set of powerful features that Umbraco Cloud doesn’t. Most importantly the managed API’s, the content delivery network, headless preview API, webhooks and GraphQL API.

With Umbraco Heartcore you can deliver your content to any device anywhere in the world - as long as it has an internet connection.


Which coding languages does Umbraco Heartcore support?

You can essentially use anything that supports HTTP, which means most programming languages. We have extensive API Documentation, so it should be easy to get started.

In terms of Client Libraries, we have a .NET Core and a NodeJS library available making it extra easy to get started with these two programming languages (C# and Javascript).


How do I update Umbraco Heartcore?

Umbraco Heartcore is automatically kept up to date and you don’t have to do anything to ensure that you are always on the latest, most secure version of Heartcore.


Can I use Umbraco Heartcore for on premise installments?

Umbraco Heartcore is hosted in the Cloud. But you are able to send content to on premise projects.


Is Umbraco Heartcore's infrastructure powered by Azure?

Yes, and Cloudflare is powering the content delivery network.


Is it possible on Heartcore to trigger a URL when a save event is triggered in the back office?

Yes, this is possible with webhooks. You can setup webhooks for Save, Delete and Publish events and you can filter by Document Types to trigger events for Content of a specific type. See the Umbraco Heartcore documentation for more information.


How do I set up security for Umbraco Heartcore?

Published Content is exposed via the Content Delivery API and is public by default. It is easy to set up the Content Delivery API to require authentication through the Umbraco Backoffice in the “Headless” section.

When Creating, Updating, Deleting things like Content and Media you use the Content Management API, which is protected by default. See the Umbraco Heartcore documentation for more information.


 How should I authenticate my frontend API calls to Umbraco Heartcore?

You can authenticate using oAuth or an API-Key.

API Keys are created through the backoffice, and can be created for a user - many keys can be created for each user. You can choose to set an expiration date for the API Keys you create or create keys that live forever.

An API Key can always be revoked.

Read more about how to do this in the API documentation for Umbraco Heartcore.


Is it more than just a data management tool?

Umbraco Heartcore is first and foremost a content management system that is easy and intuitive to use.

Its loved by both developers and content editors and does a lot more for the usability then being just a data management tool.

The surrounding services like media library, image service, CDN and content delivery platform does add a lot to the complete package making it a lot more than just a data management tool.


Can I have more than 1 environment on Heartcore?

Yes, depending on the price tier, you can add multiple environments.


Will I be able to use packages with Umbraco Heartcore?

This is something we will look into. We need to ensure that everything works and that it works with our APIs. Consistency matters, so we will need to ensure a consistent experience before we start adding / opening up for packages/plugins.

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If you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, chances are that someone has already built it. And if you have a question, are looking for documentation or need friendly advise, go ahead and ask the Umbraco community on Our.

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