Responsible for multiple Umbraco sites or a site portfolio?

Then Gold Support might be something for you. Especially if you'd like to be sure that your projects moves in the right - and most efficient - direction. And also if you're a fan of a good night's sleep. 

With Gold Support you get full support for up to 5 sites + Architectural Advising, making sure you got the perfect foundation when you start a new Umbraco project.

It’s a bit like being a newbie at karate and having Mr. Miyagi as your teacher. Getting the foundation right, means you're faster and stronger when it comes to fending off future bullies - or issues. 

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The Gold Support Plan includes 6 extremely handy Umbraco features:

With a Gold Support Plan you get full support for 5 sites as well as:

  1. Architectural Advising: Built your project on a solid foundation and prevent walls from crashing down.

  2. Code Review: Stuck, and just can’t figure out why? Let experts from Umbraco HQ have a look at the piece of code that’s causing you trouble and we’ll guide you back on track.

  3. Bug Fix Warranty: If you find a bug in the core, let us know and we’ll have a look at it. Depending on the severity of the bug, we’ll have the bug fixed within a timely manner, making sure you can work in Umbraco in the smoothest and safest way. 

  4. 25 accounts for Step-by-step video tutorials so you, and the rest of your team, can learn Umbraco best practises on your own time and at a pace that fits you. A great place to start and a great place to keep updating your Umbraco skill-set.

  5. Umbraco Forms licenses: Making a sign-up form or a questionnaire on your site have never been simpler. Umbraco Forms is built into the Umbraco core making sure you don’t have to compromise on design or move visitors off your site. With Gold Support you get 5 Forms licenses - one for each of your sites.  

  6. Umbraco Courier licenses: Your site’s personal, clever, fast and strong courier. A courier that’ll make sure your deployment will be as stress-free and straight-forward as possible. Your developers will thank you. With Gold Support you get 5 Courier licenses - one for each of your sites.  


Think this support plan might be something for you?

Have a chat with one of our friendly support members about your projects' specific needs and requirements, and we'll see if there's a match. 


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