Umbraco Certificatied Expert graphics
Expiration date: 2023/08/31

Damiaan Peeters

Located in Belgium

Employed at Dampee bvba

Umbraco Certified Expert is a developer who have an expanded understanding Umbraco, achieved by attending multiple training courses on both the fundamentals and developer specialisations. Certified Experts knows the full development lifecycle of an Umbraco website and can manage advanced projects.

Certified Professional
Certified Expert
Certified Master

Fundamental courses

  • Fundamentals

Foundation courses

  • Extending the Backoffice
  • MVC and Visual Studio
  • Application Integration
  • Security

Skill courses

  • Searching and Indexing
  • Cloud Developer
  • Load Balancing and Azure

Umbraco 8

Name Date Status Expiration date
Application Integration August 2021 Active 2023/08/31
MVC and Visual Studio October 2020 Active 2023/08/31
Fundamentals October 2020 Active 2023/08/31
Security May 2019 Active 2023/08/31

Umbraco 7

Name Date Status Expiration date
Searching and Indexing December 2017 Obsolete -
Application Integration May 2017 Obsolete -
MVC and Visual Studio May 2017 Obsolete -
Extending the Backoffice May 2017 Obsolete -
Fundamentals January 2017 Obsolete -

Umbraco 4

Name Date Status Expiration date
Level 2 April 2011 Obsolete -

Umbraco 8

Name Date
Application Integration August 2021
MVC and Visual Studio October 2020
Fundamentals October 2020
Security May 2019

Umbraco 7

Name Date
Searching and Indexing December 2017
Application Integration May 2017
MVC and Visual Studio May 2017
Extending the Backoffice May 2017
Fundamentals January 2017

Umbraco 4

Name Date
Level 2 April 2011

This is the full history of all official training courses that Damiaan Peeters has attended.

To ensure that officially Umbraco certified developers know how to build current Umbraco solutions, only training attended in the current and previous “major” Umbraco version counts toward the total certification level.

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