We believe in the "best of breed". Our main focus is on the CMS - making it simpler and friendlier for developers, content editors, and end-users.

At the same time, we know we have the friendliest community out there. Even more so, we’re blessed with talented tech minds who extend the possibilities of Umbraco CMS by crafting top-notch packages and other complementary solutions that have a more specific angle, such as, for example, webshops.

From here on out we shall refer to all of these solutions as Umbraco Apps.

Introducing Umbraco Apps

It is our ambition to celebrate the very best of Umbraco Apps, in whatever form they may exist: packages, integrations or other third party extensions.

By launching a new “Umbraco Apps” catalogue on umbraco.com we want to make these Apps a more visible part of Umbraco and provide them with extra exposure.

That way, we can also show the world just how versatile Umbraco can be.

Two-tiered approach

There's a wide variety of Umbraco Apps out there and we recognize the different needs they solve. This is why we'll be employing a two-tiered approach:

✔️ Community tier. A simple listing in the Umbraco Apps catalogue, designed to provide Umbraco packages with additional exposure (other than Our). This tier is free of charge and will be available exclusively for selected community packages, already listed on Our.

✔️ Promoted tier. A promoted listing in the Umbraco Apps catalogue that offers extra visibility and added value to the App provider. This tier is paid and designed for Apps with the goal of commercialization.

We challenge ourselves in making Umbraco a truly delightful digital experience, which is why Umbraco Apps catalogue will be a curated list displaying the state-of-the-art Umbraco - the very best apps out there. At the moment we are working on and scribbling down the list of requirements.

How to get your app listed on the Umbraco Apps catalogue? Read on below.

Submit your solution for the promoted tier and be listed in the Umbraco Apps catalogue from day 1

If your package is already listed on Our it will automatically be part of the selection process for the community tier.

If you are interested in being part of the promoted tier please submit your solution, using the form below and we will contact you within a week with additional information:

Expected launch

We expect to launch the first version of the Umbraco Apps catalogue in January 2019.

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