Code Review

Let us have a look at your Umbraco code

What is Code Review?

The Code Review feature is, unlike Architectural Advising, the guidance you will need when you have already written pieces of code in your project that for some reason, you have doubts about.

Asking for a Code Review does not mean that we will take your code and fix it, but we will have a senior developer look through the specific parts where you have concerns. The result of this review will be given in comments and in a report that will state what we believe is breaking your functions or is causing possible disruptions.     

Does your plan include Code Review? 

If you’re an Umbraco Gold Partner or have an Umbraco Enterprise plan, then yes. If not, then have a look at the plan here and imagine the time and worry you’ll save by having senior developers from Umbraco HQ look and advise you on your Umbraco code.

How to get Code Review?

If you’re in need of a Code Review you simply reach out to the Umbraco Support team and present the situation, the details of the specific part in your project where you need advice or review. When all this information has been collected, the next step will be to decide how the advising should be done. Together with your contact person from the Umbraco Support team, you will decide on how the Code Review feedback should be given - we can offer you either a phone call, a response directly in an email or even an online conference meeting. The relevant feedback method is decided depending on levels of details and complexity.

Do you want to know more about how you can take advantage of Code Review or maybe set up a session? Send us a message and we'll gladly get in contact with you to explain further.

What happens, when you press "I want to book a Code Review"?

  1. We reach out to you shortly after we have received your message.
  2. We gather all the necessary information to connect you to the right Senior Developer at Umbraco HQ.
  3. We figure out the best way for the feedback to be given, whether it is a phone call, email or conference call, we have you covered.
  4. We help you figure out the best way forward with your code!