Enterprise Support

Custom-fit support for your business critical sites.

A tailor-made support agreement to fit your needs.

All Enterprise agreements are tailor-made to each client depending upon their specific needs. We would love to discuss your needs to make sure that you get what you need, at the right time during your project. Because this agreement is tailormade to fit your specific needs, the price will be as well. As a price indication, an Enterprise Support agreement starts from 5000€/month.


We will love to discuss needs and solutions for a given project.

Everything starts with your needs, so please consider and share with us:

  • What is the purpose of the site you are building?

  • What is your Umbraco knowledge and skill level e.g. do you have in-house Umbraco developers and what are their Umbraco certification status (level and date)?

  • Are you working with an Agency and for what purpose? Is it an Umbraco Gold Partner with a proven skill level?

  • What are the expected metrics:
    • Number of sites and their size?
    • Traffic stats?
    • What kind of content and what amount do you plan for the site?
    • Number of concurrent visitors?
    • Number of concurrent editors?
    • If only one Umbraco Installation, how many sites?
  • Do you expect to do integrations. If so, to what extend and how deep?

  • What is the time schedule?

  • Where do you expect to host the solution (Umbraco Cloud or at a host of your own choice)?

  • Other relevant information about your site that you need/want to inform us about?

Once we understand your needs we can propose a relevant solution, including:

  • SLA including guaranteed Response Time in and outside regular office hours.

  • Bug Fix Warranty.

  • Hyper Care.

  • Level of Architectural Advising before and during development.

  • Level of Code Review, including when/how.

  • Onsite/offsite Umbraco training and certification.

  • Onsite/online architectural workshops.

  • Support channels (tickets/mail, chat, phone)

I, Jim Jensen, would gladly give you a call to discuss these things. Please provide me with your contact information and if possible your phone number.