We know that some of the most important things for web-agencies are that you have great tools that you know you can rely on, and that they are time-efficient and help you make your business more profitable.

That is why we would like to talk to you and get an understanding of how you work today and tell you about what opportunities are relevant in your specific case.

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If you want a personal presentation of the options that are relevant to you or if you are ready to talk partnerships, then reach out to us.

We will make sure to help you get started in the best way possible.

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If you prefer to continue learning more about Umbraco on your own, then we suggest the following options.

Take Umbraco for a spin

You can try Umbraco and get a feel for what it is like to work in the CMS yourself. We have created a super simple “Starter kit” site, that you can test out by taking a trial of Umbraco Cloud. No installation is required, all setup is handled by the Cloud, just like it would be, when creating a website for a client.

In the starter kit you can test out the editor experience and edit content, or work on the development side of the site and start customizing the starter kit website either straight from your browser or in Visual Studio.

14 day free trial - No credit card required

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Join a free live webinar for a technical presentation of Umbraco

If you want to know more about the technical setup of Umbraco, you can join our free webinars and get a live demonstration of how Umbraco works. The presentations provide an overview of the Umbraco platform, and you would get the most from them if you have a basic technical understanding of web-development. If this is not relevant for you, maybe it could be for one or more of your colleagues. Feel free to invite them.

Join a free webinar

And learn about the more advanced capabilities of Umbraco