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Friendly use limits

Umbraco Heartcore comes with a few simple limits

What are Friendly use limits?

We realize that it can be tricky to estimate data transfer needs or storage use of a project ahead of time. That is why we have chosen to introduce what we call a friendly use limit.

A friendly use limit is not vague and up for interpretation or hidden somewhere in the terms, where you will eventually find them after having received an invoice for a plan that you didn’t know you were moved to. We want you to be able to see what the limits are from the get go.

A friendly use limit means that we will not enforce the limits strictly and shut down data transfer and/or storage automatically as soon as you cross them.

Instead we will reach out to you when you are close to a limit listed in your current plan, and we'll talk to you about your needs to find the best solution.

See the limits on the pricing plan page