Ambitious? Yes, as in; ready to use your talent to work on a design and user experience that hundreds of thousands of users from around the world will have the pleasure of everyday. Something that’ll make their day job more simple, intuitive and faster.

Yep, that could be your new job!

With over 440,000 installs across the world, and a huge community supporting it, the Umbraco CMS is already one of the fastest growing platforms for managing content and building websites. And we want to go to the next level. That’s why we are looking for an ambitious frontend developer, with a passion for building great products and great user experiences, to help us reach that level with the Umbraco CMS as well as our Umbraco Cloud services.

The Role

You’ll be joining our growing development team at Umbraco HQ in Odense to improve and expand Umbraco products, working on a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Prototyping and testing new functionality, features and design.
  • Analyzing and improving the overall user experience.
  • Improving and expanding the frontend tech stack.
  • Engaging in creative collaboration with colleagues to develop new features.
  • Implementing new feature functionality.
  • Creating editing interface for content editors and component libraries for developers.
  • Improve frontend tools and pipeline to improve quality and throughput.


Who are we looking for?

We care about people. That’s why the most important qualification is your personality: Who you are, what values you have and how you interact with other people.

We are looking for someone with a take charge attitude that wants to be part of something bigger than themselves and is willing to dedicate their time and talent to building great products in collaboration with fantastic colleagues. Someone who wants to try something that’s different from the traditional “frontend” role.  Someone who wants to help create something that doesn’t just work for one client, but makes sense to thousands.

Is that someone you?

What experience are we looking for?

  • Solid experience with multiple JavaScript based frontend frameworks
  • Good experience with Angular.js
  • A detailed understanding of user experience analysis and design.
  • Detailed experience of frontend web development and web application design.
  • Experience with advanced CSS styling and other styling tools and frameworks.
  • A relevant educational background.


We offer:

  • An opportunity to impact thousands of Umbraco users across the world with your ideas, functionality and implementations.
  • An opportunity to work on an open source platform including interaction and knowledge sharing on a global scale.
  • A chance to work actively on real end user value on a daily basis.
  • A chance to extend and grow your talent and skills with active training, experimentation, sparing, knowledge sharing etc.
  • Employment in a highly dynamic and informal organization focused on growth.
  • A great and social working environment at Umbraco HQ in the center of Odense.

So, are you ambitious enough?


How to apply

You can get more information and apply by reaching out to Kold from Kold +Partners. Please contact Peter at or +45 2989 0903.

You will improve your chances significantly by reading about Umbraco on our different medias and by taking a free demo so you get a feel for both us as a company and our products / services.

About Umbraco:

Umbraco A/S is a Danish company with headquarter in Odense. The company was founded in 2003 and employs more than 30 people. We support more than 440,000 sites worldwide. And we are hungry for more. In addition, Umbraco is the friendliest CMS of the world and we probably have the toughest and most committed community, you could ask for. Find more about us at What’s it like working at Umbraco? find out right here


If you don't know Umbraco, here are some numbers behind the world's friendliest CMS

One of the biggest benefits of using Umbraco is that the community is incredibly pro-active, extremely friendly and helpful.

Chances are that if you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, someone has already built it. So it is very likely that you can get good and friendly advice from someone from the Umbraco community on Our - just ask.

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Number of active members in the community
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