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Intern for the Communication and Marketing team

Join the friendly COMA team

The Umbraco COMA team (Communications and Online Marketing Astronauts) is looking for a talented intern who can help us with various marketing and communication tasks including; creating content for campaigns, setting up blog posts and posting on social media.   

If you’re currently studying marketing, communication, English or the likes, and if you are looking for a highly relevant internship where you get to do real-life-tasks, get to test your current skills and develop yourself and are ready to take responsibility for your own tasks - then we look forward to receiving your application! You might even end up with a job for life.


The most important qualification is your personality: who you are, what values ​​and attitudes you have and how you interact with and behave towards other people.

You have the right stuff if you:

  • Have a friendly personality
  • Are a team player
  • Are structured and dedicated to your tasks 
  • Suggest solutions, rather than see problems
  • Want and feel comfortable taking charge and responsibility for your own tasks  

Additionally, you are our ideal candidate if you:

  • Are fluent in English - oral and written (our company language is English)
  • Are currently studying something relevant in regard to this position i.e. marketing/communications/English
  • Are naturally curious and want to learn
  • Have a good technical understanding
  • Value being part of a team where feedback and sharing ideas are a natural way of supporting each other
  • Love to write texts that create emotions 
  • Have been blogging or similar
  • Are not afraid to write texts that sell yourself, a product or an idea

The role

You will be working in the communications and marketing team along with copywriters and marketers. Among other tasks, you will be creating campaign content, blog posts, social media posts etc. The role will include copywriting and proofreading, so it’s important that you like to write. 

How to apply

Send your application and any questions you may have about this position to Christian Tvede; Along with your application and CV, you will get bonus points if you attach or link to a 1 min video presentation of yourself. 

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