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Office Management Guru (Økonomielev)

Do you believe that going to work every day should be fun? At Umbraco we do.

We are growing and we need more hands. Therefore, we are currently looking for assistance to our administration at Umbraco HQ in Odense. The position is available from May 2021 and onwards.



The most important qualification is your personality: who you are, what values and attitudes you have and how you interact with and behave towards other people.

You have the right stuff, if you are:

  • Warm and positive
  • Have a take-charge and friendly personality
  • Are empathetic and committed
  • A team player
  • Conscientious and proactive towards others

You are our ideal candidate if you in addition have a burning desire to work with our administrative procedures but also be willing to undertake any odd jobs around the office.


The role

You will need your strong commitment every day when you will assist in:

  • Day to day bookkeeping in e-conomic
  • Financial controls including reconciliation of the financial statement, monthly reporting, and payroll
  • Monitoring and improving our financial documentation including archive procedures
  • Weekly simple tasks around the office including facilitating meeting facilities etc.
  • Making a positive difference in our financial and administrative routines.

We expect that you want to study or are studying Økonomielev at Tietgen. Please note that the education at Tietgen is in Danish.



Send your application to Christian Tvede (cht@umbraco.com). Please include a max. 60-second video presenting you. You will improve your chances significantly by reading about Umbraco on our different media so you get a feel for both us as a company and our products/services.

For questions about the position please email CFO Poul A. L. Jensen (pal@umbraco.com).


About Umbraco A/S

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