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Senior Cloud Developer for the Cloud Feature Team

Are you an experienced C# developer?

Do you love working with domain driven design and implementing event driven microservices?

Do you believe that going to work every day should be fun?


At Umbraco we deliver a world class open source Content Management System (CMS) used by more than 500.000 websites globally.

We are currently searching for a skilled and dedicated Senior Cloud Developer to join our D-Team at Umbraco HQ in Odense

Your qualifications

The most important qualification is your personality: Who you are, what values ​​and attitudes you have and your eagerness to learn. We are looking for an engaging and positive team player with a take-charge attitude and commitment to getting things done.


  • Are friendly and hungry for acquiring new knowledge and building great products
  • Are caring and conscientious
  • Enjoy sharing your programming knowledge and experience with your colleagues
  • Speak and write english
  • Are experienced with C# and .NET Core
  • Have Azure and Azure DevOps experience

Plus points for

  • Umbraco experience
  • Experience with event driven architecture
  • Not being scared away by YAML
  • Experience with training and developing junior developers

The role

You will be working as part of the Cloud Feature Team.


As part of this team you will be building a platform used by thousands of developers who deploy updates to their Umbraco websites on a daily basis.


The team is currently working on

  • Improving the overall experience for our customers using Umbraco Cloud
  • Improving customer payment flows on Umbraco Cloud
  • Developing Umbraco Uno, our no-code/low-code Umbraco offering
  • Gathering and exposing relevant data to our departments in Umbraco

The team aims to

  • Deliver small releases and improvements at a rapid pace, often with several smaller releases per week.
  • Improve and scale our infrastructure with microservices developed by using domain driven design


The Cloud Feature Team is part of the Umbraco D-Team which consist of many experienced developers as well as interns, student assistants and junior developers. 


We expect that you have experience with event driven development, enjoy building for the Cloud and have an eye for Developer Experience.


We hope that you are as excited about finding new ways to make the life of Umbraco developers easier through Umbraco Cloud as we are!


Another important aspect is to help the other teams at Umbraco HQ by enabling them to move faster with a DevOps mindset as the basis of everything we build, deploy and run.

Place of work?

The workplace is at Umbraco HQ in the heart of Odense. Of course, while the corona pandemic is scourging our country, we offer full availability to work from home.


Send your application and CV today to Christian Tvede, People, Love & Culture, If you have any questions regarding this position, please reach out to our friendly Cloud Feature Team Lead Kristian Egebæk-Carlsen, or call Kristian at +45 42905524.


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