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Senior Marketing Profile

Are you the newest addition to the COMA team?

Our Communications and Online Marketing Astronauts (or COMA) are the team responsible for creating awareness and interest in Umbraco and the Umbraco products around the world. We are looking to expand the team with a strong marketing profile that can help take the online sales of our SaaS products to the next level.

Are you the next hire in Umbraco? Read on to find out.


What we care most about at Umbraco, is people. That’s why your most important qualification is your personality: who you are, what values you have and how you interact with others. 

You are the perfect match if you are:

  • A take-charge and friendly person
  • A team player
  • Conscientious and proactive towards others
  • Structured and dedicated to your tasks
  • Not afraid to lead the way by executing on your own ideas.
  • Hungry for knowledge and willing to keep improving yourself
  • Passionate about what you do, creative and enthusiastic
  • Presenting solutions rather than problems.

Additionally, you are our ideal candidate if you:

  • Have a Master’s degree in Marketing, Marketing economics, Business Administration or similar.
  • Have at least a couple of years of experience with marketing SaaS products in a B2B context.
  • Have a good technical understanding.
  • Take ownership for reporting and presenting your results.
  • Have a good understanding of both inbound and outbound marketing.
  • Have strong communication skills in English. 

The role

You will be responsible for growing the awareness, demand and adoption of our SaaS products “Umbraco Cloud” and “Umbraco Heartcore” and will be planning and initiating new campaigns for the products across all our markets.

You will need to build your knowledge about the products,  the target audiences, the customer journeys and the competitive landscape. And you will use that knowledge to make sure the USPs of each product is up to date across all media and campaign material and are shared with the sales and marketing teams. 

You will both be planning and taking part in executing campaigns and other activities to drive sales.

How to apply

You can get more information and apply by reaching out to our friendly Online Communications Dragoon (OCD), Martin Wülser Larsen, who is heading COMA (the Communications and Online Marketing Astronauts) at

You will improve your chances significantly by reading about Umbraco on our different media channels (website, social media etc.) to get a feel for both us as a company, our values and our products/ services.

Send us your application before March 31st 2020. Along with your application, we’d like a 1 min video presentation of yourself. 

About Umbraco A/S

Umbraco A/S is a Danish company with headquarters in Odense. The company was founded in 2003 and employs more than 60 people. Around half a million sites around the world are built on our Content Management System (CMS).  It is the friendliest CMS in the world and we probably have the nicest and most committed community one could ask for. 

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