Do you believe that going to work every day should be like a party? At Umbraco we do.

We are growing and we need more hands. Recently, we have experienced a growing interest for Umbraco in Sweden. Therefore, we are currently looking for a student assistant in Economics and Business administration to join our partner and sales team at Umbraco HQ in Odense. If you are of the right caliber, have a swedish background, you could have a highly relevant student job - and a job for life.



The most important qualification is your personality: who you are, what values ​​and attitudes you have and how you interact with and behave towards other people.

You have the right stuff, if you are:

  • A take charge and friendly personality
  • A team player
  • Love to talk and isn’t afraid of grabbing the phone calling people you don’t know
  • Conscientious and proactive towards others
  • Structured and dedicated to you tasks


Additionally, you are our ideal candidate if you:

  • Study Economics and Business Administration.
  • Can communicate fluently in both oral and written English and Dutch
  • Have a talent for sales


The role

As an open source software company, we rely on our partner activities as a main revenue stream. It is crucial for us, hence, you will need your strong commitment every day when you:

  • Help us penetrate the Swedish market with our various products and services
  • Work with the existing partner portfolio
  • Sell our services/products and educate and help our partners with our service, Umbraco Cloud


How to apply

Send your application to the Anders Trans Sørensen Please call Anders Trans Sørensen +45 2073 7120 if you have any questions regarding the position.

You will improve your chances significantly by reading about Umbraco on our different medias and by looking at our partner program and Cloud Service so you get a feel for both us as a company and our products/services.

About Umbraco A/S

Umbraco A/S is a Danish company with headquarter in Odense. The company was founded in 2003 and employs more than 40 people. We support more than 450,000 sites worldwide. And we are hungry for more. In addition, Umbraco is the friendliest CMS of the world and we probably have the toughest and most committed community, you could ask for. Find more about us at What’s it like working at Umbraco HQ? Find out right here.


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