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Tuesday, May 3, 2016 by Per Ploug

What we are changing:

  • Attend any course you like, Umbraco Fundamentals is not required
  • To become a certified partner, you must have the 2-day Umbraco Developer certifications in-house.

Developers can attend any course they like

Originally, we had the Umbraco Fundamentals course as a requirement to attend the 1-day courses. Based on feedback from partners and developers, we are removing this requirement, this means that people who have experience with using Umbraco, can attend and follow any of our 1-day classes, as long as they know how to use the fundamental parts of Umbraco.

Still simple to become partner

Want to get that Umbraco Certified Partner stamp of approval? - then it’s still important to attend the 2-day Umbraco Fundamentals courses as we require at least half of your certification score are from these 2-day courses - we believe organisations who wish to promote their Umbraco Knowledge must have these skillsets within their organisation to best serve their Umbraco customers.

Example: a company must have 8 Umbraco course days to become certified, at least half must be fundamentals, so if 2 developers get the 2-day Umbraco Fundamentals course (2 x 2 days), and 4 developers each take a 1-day course, the company total will be 8 days - this can be shared between any number of developers.

With these changes, we see the training program as an even more flexible way for companies and developers to quickly gain Umbraco knowledge in the areas they want to, when they want to. 


Monday, April 25, 2016 by Per Ploug

The 3 speakers below each come with great experience on general web-development, giving you tools and knowledge to improve your craft as an Umbraco Professional and will show you what is under the hood on many of the technologies you are likely to use every day. 

Remember, Early bird ticket discount ends this week, buy your ticket today and save 150eur 

Joakim Lindkvist

Co-founder of the Open Source project TinyMCE, currently working as the product owner of TinyMCE within Ephox. Joakim will talk about the hows and why of TinyMCE as well as why wysiwyg is so complicated to get just right. And he should know, as he’s been one of the driving forces behind the open source rich text editor TinyMCE for the past 10 years.

Filip Bruun Bech-Larsen

Frontend Manager at Impact. Member of the Google Developer Experts program for web technologies, founder of the AngularJS user group NGAarhus. Filip is an expert on frontend tooling, angularJS and will share his experience on managing all those client-side technologies that are a natural part of a Umbraco website project.  

Simone Chiaretta.

Microsoft MVC MVP, author of multiple books on and Mvc, working as a web architect at the Council of the european union. Simone will share his wast knowledge of Core (formerly known as VNext) to give you a look at how you will develop applications in the future.    


Remember, Early bird ticket discount ends this week, buy your ticket today and save 150eur

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 by Per Ploug

We have 2 great sessions and a half-day workshop lined up, for Umbraco developers who want to learn how to get the maximum performance out of Umbraco. With 2 sessions focusing on measuring performance and improving the perceived performance, we explore 2 different routes to a high performing site, these techniques can be applied to both big and small websites. Finally with a half-day workshop you will learn how to scale that high-performing website to multiple servers when it grows from small to massive.

See for more Info and tickets

Load Balancing Workshop

Scale Umbraco to the max by taking full advantage of Umbraco’s new flexible load balancing functionality. Jeavon Leopold will take you through all the steps required to enable, configure and fine-tune a fully load-balanced Umbraco installation, both on-premise and on Microsoft Azure.
This is a half day workshop, with plenty of hands-on time, attendees will leave with the knowledge and skills to scale Umbraco to the maximum.
Speaker: Jeavon Leopold, Crumpled Dog
Active Core Contributor, Voted Umbraco MVP several years in a row, Technical Director at Umbraco Gold Partner, Crumpled Dog in London. 

Performance and profiling Umbraco

Get stellar web performance using Umbraco, including optimizing code and images, how to measure performance and UX, what tools developers can use to measure, and future technologies that will help measure data more granularly from the browser.  
Speaker: Matt Shull, Aristotle Labs
Director of Labs at Aristotle Labs, IoT Developer, Web Performance Geek

Perceived Performance

Website performance is important. It can be the difference between making a sale and losing a client. Luckily there are quite a few things we can do to enhance the user’s perception of a site’s performance. We’ll go through some nifty tricks that can improve the user experience of a website with waiting time.
Speaker: Rasmus Lynggaard, Kraftvaerk
Senior UX & Business Development Consultant at Danish Umbraco Gold Partner Kraftvaerk

See for more Info and tickets

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 by Niels Hartvig

But a lot has happened since 2007; the community has grown factor 200x - from ~1.000 active people to more than 200.000 people around the world - and people are contributing to the project in many different ways.

It’s time to revise the MVP program.

The new MVP Program

Contrary to the last couple of years, the MVPs will be picked by the Umbraco HQ instead of a community poll to ensure a focus on rewarding great talent and effort over popularity. 

We’ll nominate MVPs based on four criteria that all favor quality over quantity:

  • Forum participation. Based on quality of responses, enthusiasm and tone of voice.
  • Community. Writing blog posts and articles, organising events and managing local meetup groups.
  • Packages. Focus on packages that has core potential and/or extends the possibilities of Umbraco
  • Core. Pull Requests, beta feedback and issue reporting and contributing to documentation

We expect between ten and fifteen MVPs this year, but we’ll let it be influenced by great participation rather than a specific number. You’re MVP for a year, but your MVP status can be renewed every year.

All MVPs gets free admission to CodeGarden festival and they also get on the short list of people attending the Umbraco Retreat prior to the festival - however a maximum of five MVPs will attend. Those invited to the retreat will have their flights and hotels covered as well.

I can’t wait to high five the next generation of MVPs. As always it’ll happen at CodeGarden, but those nominated will be told a month before.


Thursday, March 31, 2016 by Sebastiaan Janssen

This post is not a mistake and yes, it comes a year after the last v6 release. This is actually a great story about what it means to be an Umbraco Partner. Our friends at Moriyama had a problem with some of their v6 sites that they eventually tracked down to a bug that had been fixed in v7. In the process of trying to fix the problem they applied the v7 code to the v6 codebase and deployed with their fingers crossed. The fix helped, which was great in the short term.

However: they're supporting multiple v6 sites that need to also be deployed and updated with other code, having a custom Umbraco build meant that their regular, automated, deploy process using NuGet didn't work any more. Luckily, as part of their Gold Partner agreement they can ask us to spend some of our time helping to make things easier for them. So when asked, we were more than happy to accept their contribution and release a new version of Umbraco 6. 

Obviously, this benefits us and Moriyama, but it also benefits the community: people out there who have the same problem with their v6 based sites for which we've already had multiple requests for this release to be made official.

As a result: Umbraco 6.2.6 is now available on Our and on NuGet.

On behalf on us and everybody with an impacted v6 site: thank you Moriyama! <3