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Wednesday, November 19, 2014 by Paul Sterling

Courier for Umbraco 7 available now

We are pleased to announce the availability of Courier for Umbraco 7 today.  We have updated Courier for v7 property editors and for the v7 backoffice.  We have also updated support for Macro Partial Views and Related Links – so properties with those types get automatically packaged and deployed along with your content - and many more updates and fixes as well – see them here.

As we mentioned with our beta releases, the big change to Courier for Umbraco 7 is the way it handles sessions and threads in a more reliable and robust way.  This means that your deployments can run uninterrupted even when they contain a large amount of content or are deployed to a remote instance.


You can download the latest release here or install from your v7 backoffice, as Courier for Umbraco 7 is now the default Courier package. 

A bonus tip, if you’re running Umbraco 7 and have found that installing packages via the backoffice sometimes fails, a fix has been included in 7.2 already, but you can easily update your proxy.htm file with the one found here for an immediate fix for all v7 versions.

A second bonus (lucky you!) if you are running Umbraco 7.2 beta and using the Grid Editor (it’s nice huh?).  At present Courier does not contain a provider to package and extract Grid data types, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve set up the data type on your target instances before you deploy content containing properties of that type.  We’ll have a Grid provider for 7.2+ in the near term.


If you have a current Umbraco Courier license you can continue to use the same license with this version of Courier, no need to purchase another license.   If you do need a license, of course we have those available.

 Thank you

As always we value your constructive input concerning issues you find with Courier.  Please provide us details here on any you find and in return we all will have a better product and you will have our undying gratitude.


Monday, November 17, 2014 by Sebastiaan Janssen

Big improvements are coming to the Umbraco NuGet package with regards to upgrading to a newer version. We need your help testing this process to make sure it's as good as it can be.

While we all love NuGet for the convenience in automation it brings, it also isn't exactly meant for packages like Umbraco. NuGet is great at managing dlls, but Umbraco also has a lot of configuration and content it brings in and we're really pushing the very borders of what NuGet can do.

But wouldn't it be nice if we would be able to make upgrades even easier? What if "Update-Package UmbracoCms" would "just" work? Well, I've been working hard at that and the results are in 7.2 beta2 already. Now it's time for you to try that out as I'm sure there will be setups that I haven't thought about and I would love to help make the process better there as well.


So, give me 5 minutes of your time and do the following:

  • Take your favorite Umbraco site that has been set up through NuGet (v6.0.1 and higher) and back it up, including it's database
  • Open the site in VS and run (in Package Manager Console):
    Update-Package UmbracoCms -Version 7.2.0-beta2 -Pre
  • Build and then run the website and click through the upgrade process
  • If you have any problems: report them in our issue tracker
  • Optionally, roll back to your backup.. but you won't need to as 7.2 is just awesome

Note: If you use ReSharper, it has to be on the latest version (8.2.2) else you'll get.. er.. "interesting" errors. :)

What's changed?

The biggest thing: config transforms. I've gone all the way back to 6.0.1 and found all the required web.config updates and baked them into the NuGet package now so they will be applied automtically. No more fiddling with merge programs, whatever Umbraco needs to be there to run properly will be there. 

We previously had a strange hack where we had to delete all the files from your bin folder in order for the NuGet upgrade to not fail (don't ask.. !), some of this is still necessary but now we only delete the files and dependencies that Umbraco ships with, so we'll not move all the dlls of your installed packages to the backup folder any more. Again, this is so that you don't have to take manual steps after doing the upgrade, make things as smooth as possible.

Upgrades would fail if you still had the old "Install" folder in your site, this one now gets deleted during upgrades. Instead of the install folder we now use an MVC route for that so we don't need the folder any more and we don't have to urge you to delete it any more (win-win!).


With that said, please do me, us and the community a huge favor and test at least one of your sites. If you don't have time then I am more than happy to receive DropBox/WeTransfer links of sites to test. I don't need your database (though would be nice to see if the whole upgrade succeeds) but your Visual Studio solution would be great. You know how to email me.

Remember this blog does not send out notifications for new comments so if you have problems then make sure to create an issue on the tracker so you get notified of additional questions etc.

A big THANKS in advance!

Monday, November 10, 2014 by Per Ploug

Today, we're releasing the second beta of 7.2, it's focused on improving the grid - download it from nuget or the 7.2 release page now

Grid Improvements

Based on feedback on 7.2 Beta 1 from partners and developers, it became very clear to us that with a minimal amount of work,  we could make the Grid property editor much more flexible and usable in real world scenarios.  

So in Beta 2, developers can now define settings and css properties, which editors can assign to grid elements, using a simple user interface.

Skærmbillede 2014-11-10 Kl . 14.12.16

It allows you to apply class names, backgrounds, colors or html data-* attributes to your grid, to allow for much more detailed control of how it renders and behaves.

Skærmbillede 2014-11-10 Kl . 14.11.30

It is all controlled by the people implementing the site, so editors cannot put whatever styling or attribute on the grid - it's all about tailoring the grid editing experience as part of designing your site.

We are really happy to add this to the grid, as it reflects the needs developers and partners have today, based on testing and real projects.  

Content type compositions

Compositions are still a work in progress, we know it is not 100% right yet, but we are working on it - for more information, follow this issue on the issue tracker. 

We encourage you to keep testing and trying out compositions, and appreciate all the bug reports we get.

We will have at least one more test release before the Final 7.2 is out, and as you can see with the enhancements in this beta, we take your feedback seriously and highly encorage everyone to try out 7.2. 

Find the beta 2 release on