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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 by Tim Geyssens

5842133002_40738e6350_zCounting down, only 2 more weeks to go untill it’s time for Codegarden! We are thrilled to announce another session, contributing to the core by Sebastiaan Janssen and Chriztian Steinmeier.

Codegarden takes place in Copenhagen, June 10th-12th, don’t miss out and get your tickets today !

The Session

One of the best things about Umbraco is that it's open source and you can contribute features and fixes. It's addictive; this is what it feels like to have your first contribution accepted:


Obviously, making a contribution is not only great for your dopamine levels but it is also great for the Umbraco project. There's plenty of things that the core team can use a little help on, making the project better for everyone.

Sebastiaan and Chriztian will tell you all about how you can contribute to the core of Umbraco, even if you don't have Visual Studio installed at all.
They will cover different ways to contribute, how to work with git and github, what if you have a merge conflict and many more topics.

There will be plenty of examples and Seb and Chriztian will inspire you to then join them in the hack room where they will be available for the rest of the afternoon to help you submit your first (and second, and third..) contribution.

The Speakers

Sebastiaan works at Umbraco HQ as the project manager of the core, he is also known to teach the Umbraco master classes regularly and unlike Chriztian really loves Razor. In his spare time he's a concert junkie, a craft beer lover and enjoys riding his bicycle through beautiful Copenhagen.

Chriztian is a frontend developer at Vokseværk in Denmark - he’s a former Umbraco MVP and spent most of his teens practicing guitar and coding BASIC and Assembler on his ZX Spectrum 48K. He prefers CoffeeScript, Less, XSLT, Rock and Leffe - has years of experience using Git + GitHub, and a teaching degree (in music) - which means he won’t lose his temper when asked for the umpteenth time to explain why “XSLT can’t count from 1 to 10 without using recursion” :-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 by Tim Geyssens

CodeComputerLoveTime to start packing, Codegarden is approaching fast! We are pleased to announce one of the final sessions. Building a global platform to deliver human rights change for Amnesty International Sally Anderson and Sam Gooch.

Codegarden takes place in Copenhagen, June 10th-12th, don’t miss out and get your tickets today !

The Session

Code Computerlove recently worked with charity Amnesty International to totally redevelop their global website. It was a particularly exciting project creating a website that could contribute to human rights change at an international level, whilst delivering a solution that could support the organisation on its journey towards digital transformation. 

In this session, we’ll be discussing how and why we chose Umbraco to help us meet Amnesty’s requirements and how we turned the first development stage of the project round in the space of just 12 weeks.

Topics include:

  • Our approach to website instance scaling using Azure and some of the lessons we learned about how best to implement Umbraco on this platform.
  • Our approach to multi-lingual content. The Amnesty site needed to be fully multi-lingual in 4 languages including Arabic with certain content in selected languages. We delivered a 1-to-1 multilingual site using the Vorto package.
  • How we delivered a suite of flexible templates and components to support Amnesty’s powerful photo-journalism and campaigning. We needed to develop a creative solution that would do justice to Amnesty’ amazing content across device and bandwidth. Allowing editors around the globe to be able to tell the story of what’s happening on the ground at the click of a button.

The Speakers

Code Computerlove are a digital agency based in Manchester and London. We have our own dedicated team of Umbraco developers and were awarded ‘Best Technical Solution’ for our work with The Woodland Trust at Codegarden 2014.

Sally is Account Director at Code Computerlove working across a number of charity clients including Amnesty International, Woodland Trust and Oxfam, as well as more commercial clients like Brother Europe International. She’s used to the challenges that come from working to the highest accessibility standards on complex multi-stakeholder projects, whilst striving for technical creativity and innovation.

Sam is a Senior Developer and lead on the technical implementation for Amnesty International. A lover of all things Umbraco, he has also led on solutions for The Woodland Trust and Electrical Safety First.

Thursday, May 21, 2015 by Tim Geyssens

profile-wedding1Codegarden is less than 3 weeks away! We are glad to announce another session. Umbraco Load Balancing by Shannon Deminick.

Codegarden takes place in Copenhagen, June 10th-12th, get your tickets today !

The Session

Load Balancing is a tough challenge, there are many different requirements, configurations and techniques that it's difficult to know which way is the right way. This session will show you the pros & cons of Load Balancing, its common pitfalls, the various setup strategies and the recommended ones to use - with both current & future techniques!

The Speaker

Shannon Deminick has been in the Umbraco HQ for the past several years. He's the creator of some popular libraries such as Examine, Articulate, UmbracoIdentity & ClientDependency, is the original founder of uComponents and is also a Microsoft ASP.Net MVP. Shannon is a Canadian who lives in Australia but as of CodeGarden 2015 will be living locally in Copenhagen. He loves surfing and the beach so that's quite ironic.