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Tuesday, June 16, 2015 by Paul Sterling

Another Codegarden has come and gone and among the many wonderful aspects of the event, one of our most favorite is the Umbraco Awards.  It is one of the few chances we get every year to see the very best work the Umbraco community creates.  And this year we got to see a lot of incredible work with more than 85 submissions to the Umbraco Awards.

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Narrowing down the submissions to a shortlist, and to an eventual winner, was more difficult this year than ever before.  Truly, all of the the submissions were deserving of an award.  We perservered and did manage to choose a shortlist and pick a winner.  Following are the runners up and winners in each of the three categories.

Best Integration

Winner: Power by Novicell


This site is a laundry list of awesome integrations; SAP, Google Elastic Search, full distributed file system, and a custom ecommerce system to name a few.

Runners up

Best Technical

Winner: Britax by Crumpled Dog



This site impressed us with its depth of technical sophistication, breadth of content, and elegant technical execution.  Crumpled Dog created 44 (!!) custom property editors and implemented a custom multi-language Examine index and search system.

Runners up


Best Design

Winner: Opera Philadelphia by Blix and Karma



The design of this site is in a league of its own.  The sense of detail in the design and the diversity of content compels the user to explore and play.

Runners up


To all the winners a heartfelt congratulations!  And especially from us at Umbraco HQ, we love seeing the incredible and beautiful work you do.  Thank you for sharing.

Thursday, June 11, 2015 by Sebastiaan Janssen

At yesterday's keynote at Umbraco Codegarden, Niels announced the release of Umbraco 7.2.6 and the beta release of 7.3.0. Both are available for download right now – 7.2.6 and 7.3.0-beta.


Umbraco 7.2.6 is the latest release in the extremely popular Umbraco 7.2 branch. In addition to a rock-solid Umbraco CMS there are a generous amount of community packages released that highlight the power and flexibility of Umbraco. To name a few of the packages that have recently been released or updated for Umbraco 7.2.

  • Nested Content, a list editor for repeatable content defined by document types
  • Vorto, a localization wrapper for your data types
  • NuPickers, a collection of pickers to further enhance Umbraco
  • LePainter, live preview for your grid layout
  • Personalisation Groups, content personalisation with criteria you define

And there are many more great packages already available and sure to be released that work seamlessly with Umbraco 7.2.

7.3.0 Beta

Umbraco 7.3.0.beta is a preview release of the next big Umbraco version that contains some incredible new features and it is now available on NuGet. Among the new features are:

  • Support for Asp.Net Identity including support for oAuth. This allows you to authenticate Umbraco users using oAuth providers like Facebook, Google, or your own provider. And if you use a custom membership provider today, you’ll be able to continue to use that – it’s up to you.
    There's several NuGet package available for this:
    The basics are available in UmbracoCms.IdentityExtensions
    Then there's providers for ActiveDirectory, Facebook, Google and Microsoft OAuth.
  • Updated support for load-balanced environments that allows for much more flexibility and reliability. This includes support for multiple instances on Azure App Services.
    In order to enable the load-balancing feature for "pull cache refreshing" (as seen in Shannon's CodeGarden demo) you should add this class to your solution.

The Future

The future is very bright as well with work underway for major new features and new ways of thinking about some fundamental Umbraco concepts. Some of the new features highlighted in the keynote include:

  • REST API for Content, Media, Members, and Relations using HAL format for discoverability and compatibility. The REST API is available for download using Nuget and can be installed in your Umbraco 7.3.0.beta site today.
  • Completely revamped Content Type Editor. We’ve done a significant re-thinking of the way Umbraco site builders define content types and site structure. This is some early work that we are releasing as early as possible in order to give the Umbraco community time to evaluate, consider, and provide feedback on the new approach as we continue to refine. This feature will be available in a nightly build of Umbraco v.Next soon.

Releasing new and better ways of working with Umbraco as early as possible is an approach we, as Umbraco HQ and the Umbraco core team, will embrace starting now. This gives the Umbraco Community time to digest, evaluate, and provide input in order that these new approaches most-closely match the collective input of the community and the core team.

In Summary

That’s a lot to take in all at once, we know, it’s a lot of work to get this far and there’s more to be done. In summary, for the sites you’re building today use 7.2.6. If you want to get familiar with the new Identity and load balancing features coming soon, download 7.3.0-beta and get going. If you want to see where Umbraco is headed in v.Next then clone the Umbraco source and build from the latest. With all that you’ll want to let the core team know what you think.

Thursday, June 11, 2015 by Paul Sterling

The home of the Umbraco community on the web is and we’ve given it a lot of love recently.  Today we’re re-launching the site with a new look, updated content, easier navigation, and search for all the things.  We’ve refocused the site to make it easier to get started with Umbraco and to make it easier to contribute to Umbraco.


Great New Features

In the forum it’s now possible to comment on a single post in the thread so that you can easily jump into the conversation at a point of your specific interest.  The site is now easy to use on mobile and we’ve focussed on making the important information easier to find.  The documentation section has had an overhaul and is now easier to navigate and is more up to date with v7 of Umbraco.

Our Umbraco now is running on Umbraco 7.2.6, a great upgrade from 4.9.1. This means it is easier to maintain for us (and for you, it’s open source, you know?) so expect faster iterations on current and new features.