Enrolling in the Umbraco developer certification program gives you and your team a deeper understanding of Umbraco, you learn best practices, save valuable time, and deliver projects of higher quality to your customers.

The Umbraco HQ offers a suite of training courses for everything you need to know about Umbraco - from fundamentals to deep integrations.

Become an Umbraco Professional - course offerings

We offer a wide variety of courses, focused on providing you the fundamental knowledge for applying best practices to your Umbraco projects, as well as gaining specialised knowledge to build even better solutions.


Umbraco Fundamentals Certification - 2 days

Implement websites fast without compromising designs. This two-day bootcamp will guide you through the best practices  of Umbraco from a designer/developer point of view - making you a Umbraco Certified Developer.

  • Gain a solid working knowledge of Umbraco best practices
  • Implement any website in Umbraco without compromising design or markup
  • Umbraco website architecture best practices
  • Take advantage of Umbraco's built-in functionality in your day-to-day work

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Umbraco, MVC and Visual Studio - 1 day

Take full advantage of Umbraco, and Visual Studio. For developers who wants to work with Umbraco in Visual Studio, create and modify custom models, controllers and routes while building advanced web applications.

  • Work with Umbraco in Visual Studio
  • Learn to apply MVC patterns and best practices with Umbraco
  • Built advanced MVC applications on top of Umbraco
  • Take advantage of Umbraco's support for advanced routing, models, controllers and views

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Extending the Umbraco backoffice - 1 day

Customise the Umbraco backoffice to give editors the best cms experience ever.  Build great websites with a tailored user experience for your editors. Customize and extend the Umbraco backoffice with custom components using AngularJS

  • Extend the functionality of the backoffice
  • Built advanced editor components in AngularJS
  • Learn the usability best practices for Umbraco website architecture
  • Leverage the many extension-points Umbraco offers for backoffice extensions

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Integrating applications with Umbraco - 1 day

Combine the power of Umbraco with external data and businesslogic. The essential 1-day class for developers with existing applications they wish to integrate with Umbraco CMS.

  • Real-world exemple on integrating 3rd party data and businesslogic into Umbraco
  • Combine Umbraco's simple templating and content with external functionality
  • Take advantage of MVC best practices as you integrate
  • Exposes external data in the backoffice to non-technical editors.

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Spend your time on the important stuff

You want to build great websites using Umbraco, by attending the certification courses you get the best possible starting point. Save valuable time by learning best practices refined from years of experience and enable your team to take advantage of all that Umbraco has to offer.

Umbraco is constantly evolving.

We take pride in providing up-to-date training based on the very latest version of Umbraco which means you will master all the awesome new features and benefits provided by HQ and our wonderful community. It enables you to use Umbraco the way it was intended ,saving valuable time by avoiding time consuming mistakes and pitfalls from the get-go.

Partner program

These in-person, hands-on classes are the only way to qualify for Umbraco Certified status and are the entry point for professional organizations to enter the Umbraco Partner program.

On-site training

For larger teams(minimum 6 attendees) we can provide on-site training. Please contact sales for more information.