Are you ready to take your own or your team's Umbraco skills to the next level? The official Umbraco Certification Masterclasses are the quickest on-ramp to Umbraco mastery.

These in-person, hands-on classes are the only way to qualify for Umbraco Certified status and are the entry point for professional organizations to enter the Umbraco Partner program.

To find out when the next round of courses are check out the course schedule here.  

Level 1 Masterclass

Level 2 Masterclass

Learn how to implement websites fast without compromising designs. This two-day course will go through the basics of umbraco v7 from a designer/developer point of view.

You'll learn best practices on multi-lingual sites, creation of re-usable navigations and lists, building forms with Contour and see the power of the Razor language more information...

Learn how to integrate existing .NET applications into umbraco and how to customize umbraco using Microsoft Visual Studio.

This two-day course will cover the usage of .NET controls in macros, MVC, event-programming in umbraco through the Event model and how to integrate your own applications and logic directly in the umbraco interface. more information...



Umbraco training courses are run all over the globe, so if you do not see a training in your area, or have an interest in a on-site training session at your company, please get in touch.






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