Umbraco + Azure: no IT required

Microsoft Azure Love

Umbraco really, really likes Azure (like a friend)

Umbraco loves Microsoft Azure because it lets the user focus on the experience not the infrastructure; gives every site a global presence, and places no limits on scale or growth. Nearly every site, no matter how modest, can take advantage of the cloud with Microsoft Azure, and we think nearly every site should.

The evolution of cloud computing now enables any Umbraco site to take advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform. Azure Web Apps with Umbraco removes concern around infrastructure and management with an approach that "just works." The Azure approach works at any scale you need, from a basic site requiring better than average availability, to massively scaled sites serving millions of pageviews and terabytes of video. (Note: some required features to support Web Apps scaling are available only in Umbraco 7.3.0 and later.)  

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More Details

Find out more about how Umbraco works with Azure Web Apps scaling by watching this video from Umbraco Codegarden 2015.

Umbraco Load Balancing from Umbraco on Vimeo.

Umbraco as a Service

All the advantages of Azure, All the experience of Umbraco

Umbraco as a Service is the best way to create and manage an Umbraco project. It includes 10-years of experience and best-practices in an intuitive, simple, but robust approach. For use by a single site creator or a team of professional web developers, Umbraco as a Service removes the barriers that slow down projects and get in the way of beautiful, functional sites.

Umbraco as a Service is Umbraco, but it’s a whole lot more. Built on Microsoft Azure and encompassing web standard approaches, Umbraco as a Service is familiar to Umbraco users new and old. Umbraco as a Service makes it simple to get started and places no limits on what you can accomplish - literally anything you can do with Umbraco and web technology you can do with Umbraco as a Service. 

Umbraco as a Service takes care of installation, infrastructure, and security and provides you the tools to work with your project in the cloud, or clone it (using Git) and work with it locally on your PC, your Mac, or your tablet.

When you’re ready to show your work to the world, Umbraco as a Service provides a safe deployment mechanism that moves your site to the public web. And if you have changes hours, days, or weeks later, Umbraco as a Service has got you covered with a an easy to follow process for moving your changes, testing, and deploying to your public site. Try that with another CMS!

When you need to add to your team, it’s as simple as adding an email address and clicking a button. Need to remove a team member, Umbraco as a Service has that covered too.

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With all the success you’ll have building your site with Umbraco as a Service you’ll want to add more, which is easily done using the same account and team members. You can manage all your Umbraco sites from a single portal, with a single login.

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