Friday, June 8, 2018

14 blog posts and 4 videos about CG18



The great thing about all these blog posts is that they each tell their own story. Each person has chosen to highlight something different based on their personal experience.

This year we even have someone telling about the retreat, the Gold Partner Summit and even one blogging about CG18 and the awards without actually being there in person.

Oh, and the videos?

They are all umbraCoffee. I’ve just watched them all again, and even if you participated in them live at Codegarden, it’s a great watch because they are each a good roundup of every day of CG18, sprinkled with that unique CG18 atmosphere ✨  


Now, go enjoy some amazing CG18 content:

The Umbraco Retreat

The Gold Partner Summit

The CG18 roundups, tips and takeaways

H5YR to all of you for sharing your CG18 stories! 🙏


If I’m missing any, let me know and I’ll be able to add them to the list ASAP!


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The CG18 HQ aftermath

What a Codegarden! CG18 was definitely one to remember; Slave and Eagle. I’m on a boat. Hammer, logs and nails. Live UmbraCoffee. CGRunners. Mindful mornings. The man with the incredible roller skating skills. Happiness at work. Not to forget; the massive list of inspirational talks, the workshops, the Umbraco Awards, the MVPs, the open circle…I’ll stop now. Mostly because you were there - you know all that happened. And anyways, this post is not a summary, it’s a H5YR! Yes, YOU - You rock!

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