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Community Round Table Discussion

Discover what this new initiative is all about

Kim Sneum Madsen (1)
Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

We want the Umbraco project and the Umbraco community to keep developing and thriving. Who better to ask for ideas and thoughts about this than the great minds of the Umbraco community? That’s the main thought behind introducing and testing out this “new” method: Round Table discussion. Find out how this will work, who we have invited to participate and what we’ll be discussing:

We want to stay in touch with our community. We know from ourselves that it can be difficult in an ever-increasing complex, hectic, changing and growing world. Tools and means which worked yesterday might not work today. 

In order to keep up with changes, we need to do things differently. Otherwise, it can result in dissatisfaction, tension and rumblings. Some might say that we have seen this over the past months. Regardless of the views on this, Umbraco HQ has the ambition to stay in touch and in-sync with the community. So with this ambition in mind, Umbraco HQ has invited a number of people to participate in a Round Table Discussion with the purpose of discussing:

“How to sustain the continuous development of the Umbraco Project and the Umbraco community.”

What is a "Round Table" discussion?

A round table discussion is characterized by the following:

  • It is done in a friendly and constructive manner
  • All participants have an equal say
  • No presentations are allowed
  • A moderator is used
  • It can be the starting point for a process but can also be a “one-off”. It depends very much on the discussion

We have chosen this face-to-face format rather than have an online discussion on a forum or the like, as we believe that this is the best way. Although the number of participants is limited, the intention is not to exclude anybody. If you are interested in contributing, please reach out to either participant and share your thoughts and viewpoints on the overall topic mentioned above. The round table discussion will take place on October 10th, so please make sure to reach out before then. 

Who will moderate the discussion?

Jacob Kjellerup will be the moderator of the discussion. We use Jacob as an external communication trainer and some of you might have seen him at Codegarden or at HQ. If you have any questions to the format please reach out to Jacob at:

Who are the participants?

Who to choose. There are so many people engaged in the community, so many to choose from. Below you’ll find the list of the 12 participants - ⅓ from HQ and ⅔ from the community. All are engaged in the community, can make themselves heard, have an opinion and are active community members. We believe they are good representatives of the community:

  • Pete Duncanson
  • Carole Logan
  • Jeavon Leopold
  • Callum Whyte
  • Laura Weatherhead
  • Jeffrey Schoemaker
  • Adam Peter Nielsen
  • Marc Stöcker
  • Ilham Boulghallat
  • Kim Sneum Madsen
  • Jacob Midtgaard
  • Niels Hartvig

What will happen after the discussion?

As this round table discussion is explorative by nature, it is not right to decide on the next step(s) right now. I do think that there will be next steps but let’s talk first.

As you know, we take pride in being open and we want to share. This is the reason behind this blog post. And once the round table discussion is over we will blog again about the notes and impressions - and possible “next step(s)”.

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