Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Community teams visit Umbraco HQ

Community team meeting - what is it all about? 

Last Thursday and Friday, our three community teams - the Documentations team, the Pull Request (PR) team and the Packages team - got together at Umbraco HQ in Odense. Why? Because what better way to keep the Umbraco project thriving, than to meet face-to-face and discuss the future for Umbraco and what these three teams can do in order to improve the way we do things. 

So that's exactly what they did.  

While each team is going to update you on their own projects and goals very soon in their own dedicated blog posts, this post acts more like a little teaser and sum-up of what happened throughout the two days. 

And who better to ask than the people who actually participated?

So lean back, press play and let these friendly people tell you why they joined the different teams, what the highlights of the community visit were and how you can contribute yourself ✨:

What did the community teams work on? 

We know that great achievements rarely happen just because of the actions of one person, but are rather a result of joint work, a shared passion and a common goal. This is where the community teams come in. 

The three current community teams are a collaborative effort between Umbraco HQ and dedicated community volunteers. The purpose is to foster the friendly sharing culture in the Umbraco community where users help each other and provide feedback, thus improving products, their usage and thereby increase the reach of Umbraco. 

While the work that the community teams did throughout the two days varies from team to team, the overall theme was to create separate team missions and also establish the goals and targets for each team, make a roadmap and decide on what the next steps are in order to reach their goals for the new year to come.

More about this will be shared in the upcoming team blog posts. But below you'll get a little a sneak peek of some of these: 

The Documentation Team 

docs teamThe Docs team: Jeavon, Marc, Damiaan and Sofie

The goal of the Docs team is to make your work with Umbraco smoother, by taking care of the Umbraco documentation as well as making the process of contributing to the documentation simpler and friendlier, so that you can find the information you need and enjoy working with your favourite CMS. 

The Pull Request Team 

PR TeamThe PR team: Emma, Anders, Sebastiaan and Poornima

The PR team works on creating and maintaining the process for dealing with PRs as well as how to best help, encourage and coach new and returning contributors to the CMS.  

The Packages Team 

The Package team: Dave, Kevin, Lotte, Nik (on the phone 😉), Richard and Jesper

The Packages team is the newest addition to our community teams, and their goal is to make the process of making a package easier by maintaining the Documentation on how to create a package and assist package developers in creating and maintaining packages. 

Sound exciting - and ambitious, right? As mentioned, these descriptions are very brief and the teams will share more in their own upcoming blog posts. So stay tuned ✨

And let's just end this post with a massive H5YR to all the team members and the great work they're doing 🙌 You rock! 

Pssst... would you also like to get more involved within the friendly Umbraco community? There are many ways you can do so:

Get involved with Umbraco community

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