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Have you got skills and interest in .NET core? Then we need you 🙌

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Umbraco has always been running on Microsoft .NET Framework. Microsoft announced this year that .NET Framework 4.8 will be the last major version of .NET Framework. The future is .NET Core (.NET 5) and we’ve already started transitioning Umbraco 8 to .NET Core. But we need valuable feedback and input from Umbraco developers so we can reach the finishing line - and maybe even do it a bit faster. That’s why we’re putting together a dedicated .NET core community team; The Unicore Team - want to join?

What’s the purpose of the Unicore Team?

The purpose of the team is:

  • To facilitate other community members to resolve tasks regarding the .NET core transition.
  • To be the voice of the Umbraco developers/users in the move to .NET Core
  • To continuously help the transitioning of the Umbraco codebase to .NET Core or compatible libraries.

Introducing the team steward

To ensure the success of the .NET Core transition and the Unicore team we have appointed a project lead at Umbraco HQ: Me - Bjarke Berg!

I will also be the community team steward.

Bjarke (2)

I have experience with .NET and .NET Core from 9 years of professional developer experience, including solid Umbraco experience from more than one year in the Core development team at Umbraco HQ. I have worked with .NET Core, in production, since the early release candidates and finally I was part of the team defining Project Unicore earlier this year.

As the steward I will be:

  • Managing the team communication 
  • Providing the necessary support to the team members 
  • Coordinate with the rest of the HQ/D-team and the stewards of the other community teams. 

Now, how do you get involved with this .NET project? First, let me tell you more about our goals and plans for the Unicore project - and in the end, if you’re up for taking your involvement a step further 🙌 - I’ll tell you how to apply for the Unicore Team.

How we work towards the goal

The goal is, simply put; moving Umbraco from the .NET Framework to .NET Core. And that is indeed “simply put” as we know that the work to get there is not “simple” and will consist of a lot of tasks of various sizes. That’s why we’re asking for the expertise and knowledge from the Umbraco community! 

We have a project plan in place that was created together with community members at this years Codegarden retreat. The Unicore project also has its own development-branch (netcore/dev). Feel free to check out the project and play around. This branch should always be stable but be aware that there are a lot of method signature changes since Umbraco 8, so packages (including starter kit) are not available yet. If you find any errors, we would love to have these reported on the issue tracker.

We aim for creating as many tasks that are up-for-grabs as often as possible. When progress on the project is blocked, we resolve this by fixing the minimum required to unblock the progress and turn the rest into up-for-grabs tasks that can be resolved by the community. We have already started this process:  When we had to change some static classes. Interfaces were introduced in Umbraco.Core and implementations in Umbraco.Infrastructure. We did this to unblock progress and by doing this opened up for up-for-grabs tasks that were resolved by the community - H5YR🙌

If you want to see examples, we have the following tasks up for grabs for the .NET core project.

The Unicore Team

For this project to be successful, we need all the help we can get and we need passionate and engaged people to facilitate it all. Collaboration is key to success  - we need your thoughts, ideas and assistance. 

We, therefore, call for volunteers from the community to join the Unicore community team. We have already seen immense benefits from the current community teams; PRs, Documentation and Packages and we believe we’ll experience similar success with the .NET Core team aka Team Unicore. Together with HQ, the Unicore Team will work towards making the transition a collaborative community/HQ effort. They’ll make sure that contributions are possible by defining tasks including “easy” up for grabs to more advanced tasks and they’ll help community members get involved in the project. All with the important goal in mind - to get Umbraco CMS on .NET Core.

Are you intrigued? Fantastic!

Please come forth or recommend a person that you think should be part of the Unicore Team We are usually looking for a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, we welcome both newcomers and experienced .NET core developers. The most important criteria is that you are passionate about Umbraco and the prospect of running Umbraco on .NET Core.

Let us know you’re interested in becoming a part of the .NET Core team by writing to The application closes on Friday the 10th of January and the team will be announced on Friday the 17th of January in a blog post. 

The team is then invited to a Unicore Team kick-off at Umbraco HQ on January 30th to 31st. 

I’m very excited to see this new team take shape look forward to sharing the progress.

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