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Are you a Commerce Connoisseur? Join the new Commerce Community Team!

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Written by Bolette Kern

🛍️ Ready to elevate your commerce game? Join our brand-new Commerce Community Team - where diverse perspectives unite to shape the future of Umbraco Commerce 🚀 Apply before December 20th and be part of dynamic discussions, virtual meet-ups, and influence roadmaps 👇 

Hey there, fellow commerce enthusiasts! If you are passionate about commerce, we have something exciting in store for you. We’re putting together a new Commerce Community Team, and we invite you to join us.

We’re committing to assembling a dynamic team that combines diverse backgrounds, ranging from experienced users to commerce-savvy MVPs, business strategists, industry experts, and everything in between. By uniting varied perspectives, our goal is to flourish in dynamic discussions about everything commerce and reflect these insights in the commerce systems used by our members, to further improve Umbraco Commerce as well as commerce initiatives for Umbraco in general.  Does this align with your interests? Then, read on to learn more about our new team and how to become a part of it. 


Why are we starting a Commerce Community Team?

Back in June, we were thrilled to introduce Umbraco Commerce as a significant addition to our Umbraco DXP offerings. As we embark on this new commerce journey, we recognize the invaluable knowledge and insights held by the commerce connoisseurs out there in the Umbraco sphere. That’s why we are on a mission to assemble the Commerce Community Team.


How will the team make an impact?

First and foremost, we envision the team as dynamic creative thinkers - a collective and creatively brainstorming hub for all things commerce. Second, we count on you to serve as advisors, which may involve validating new initiatives, influencing the roadmap, providing feedback, and contributing innovative ideas for enhancements. 

You’ll also play a part in shaping our strategic decisions around our commerce product. We see tremendous potential in Umbraco Commerce, and we are excited about expanding our market reach and engaging new audiences. Our vision for Umbraco Commerce is clear: 

Umbraco Commerce is the first choice for end-clients and partners looking to develop mid-market to lower enterprise Umbraco e-commerce projects.

Umbraco Commerce seamlessly integrates into hybrid and composable commerce architectures. 

If you’re keen on discussing everything commerce - be it various vendors, Umbraco Commerce, or more - keep reading! 


Meeting of the Commerce Minds 

We’re not asking much, just four meetings a year, all conducted virtually to accommodate various time zones. So, no need to bring snacks, just your valuable insights.

Throughout 2024, we will explore topics like commerce architecture, B2B requirements, mobile commerce, innovative business models for commerce, and the emerging trends that our Commerce Community Team believes are central to the industry and essential for shaping the future of Umbraco Commerce.

Prepare for live demos of upcoming features from Umbraco Commerce, where your input will guide decisions on where to align and where to set ourselves apart from other vendors.

Leading these sessions will be Umbraco Commerce Team Lead, Matt Brailsford, and Bolette Kern, Product Owner for the DXP Group. 


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Who can join the Commerce Community Team? 

Our mission? To build the ultimate commerce dream team, we’re scouting for talent with diverse backgrounds. Don’t hesitate to step forward, even if Umbraco Commerce hasn’t been part of your journey so far. Your expertise with other commerce systems is a unique asset, and the more systems you’ve worked with, the better! 

Roles of all kinds are welcome - whether you represent an agency, an end client, own an e-commerce store,  or are an Umbraco MVP with an interest in commerce. We welcome all who share our passion for commerce and Umbraco! 


Ready to join? Let us know! 

The application closes on December 20, 2023. In the new year, we’ll be thrilled to welcome 5-8 members with a diverse range of experiences to the Commerce Community Team. Could you be one of them?


Submit your application here


If you have any questions about this community team, feel free to reach out to Bolette at


Let’s come together and create commerce excellence!! 🛒✨

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