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Join the new Sustainability Team

Want to help define the best practices for running Umbraco in a sustainable way?

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Written by Lasse Fredslund

3,7% of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from the internet and our related gadgets, which is almost the same as what is produced by the airline industry. And the number is expected to grow to 8% in 2025. If you are passionate about contributing to what Umbraco and the community can do about this, then you should apply for our new Sustainability Team.

Why a Sustainability Team?

We know that many companies and individuals are already aware of the impact our digital lives have on the environment, but we can do more - both to Umbraco as a product and as a platform for developing cool websites and digital experiences. With this team, we want to raise awareness, promote best practices, and mature and develop ideas on how the Umbraco CMS can support environmentally sustainable content. Thus the team will work on defining the best practices for running Umbraco in a sustainable way, no matter if you are using it just as a CMS or as a part of a bigger digital experience.


Who can join the team?

For this team, we encourage you to apply, no matter if you are a developer or work in a business role, and no matter if you work in an agency or any other kind of company that uses Umbraco - as long as you have insights into Umbraco and its usage, are interested in sustainability, and are willing to invest some time to read, meet and discuss. If you have professional knowledge within the area of sustainability, it's of course a major plus.

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The team will be facilitated by Lasse Fredslund, who is Product Owner for the Umbraco CMS.


What do we expect from you?

We expect to meet a couple of hours once per month online and a few full days per year as part of our annual community meetup at HQ.


Interested? Let us know!

The application closes on April 19, 2023 (at 23:59:59 CEST). Shortly thereafter, we hope to be able to welcome 8-10 members with different backgrounds to the Sustainability Community Team - maybe you are one of them?

Apply for the Sustainability Team

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