Friday, March 1, 2019

Management Statement - Umbraco Cloud incident

Incident closed, read the latest blog post here.


Dear Customer

We are painfully aware that we are not delivering on Umbraco Cloud given our current operational fallouts. And we know that it hurts you and your clients. There is nothing good to say about that.

Rest assured that we are working hard to mitigate and fix the issue. We commit ourselves to fix this problem and restore confidence in us and our product. We are in close contact with Microsoft and external consultants. And we have all hands on deck and all other activities have been stopped.

We are pursuing multiple ways of ensuring stable operations whilst at the same time working on fixing what we believe is the problem. We will also make sure to keep you updated as soon as we have news. We are currently posting hourly updates on


We do apologize for this.


Kind regards,

Niels Hartvig, Kim Sneum Madsen & Jacob Midtgaard Olsen