Buug Meetup Jan 2022

Monthly Meetups Memo: January 2022

Come and see what meetups the New Year has brought, and what's coming up next

Written by Trine Nissen

Happy new year! January has brought a fresh start with some interesting meetups, with an overview right here. Sad you missed out? There's more coming in February - so see what meetups you can attend!

January's meetups


Buug Meetup Jan 2022


Upcoming meetups in February

  • Umbraco Meetup Social by Umbraco Leeds Meetup - 3rd of February - 🖐 RSVP here
  • AMA with the CTO of Umbraco by Melbourne Umbraco Meetup - 9th February - 🖐 RSVP here
  • The Umbraco Package One by Liverpool Umbraco Meetup, 17th of February - 🖐 RSVP here 
  • Umbraco Navi Mumbai .Net Meetup - 19th of February - 📆 mark your calendar and stay tuned

"Umbraco Meetups are a nice way of getting to know your local Umbraco community, to discover who around you is also working with Umbraco, and to exchange with them in real life. If you feel uncomfortable in big crowds like Codegarden, a meetup is a smaller sized event where you might feel more inclined to interact. Plus, it’s an opportunity to get to know “local heroes” that might have less visibility but nevertheless do interesting things also. 

And who knows what other topics you might end up talking about once the sessions are finished?"

- Michael Latouche, co-organizer of the Belgian Umbraco User Group (BUUG)

Trine's Tips and Tricks

👉 “If you feel uncomfortable in big crowds like Codegarden, a meetup is a smaller sized event where you might feel more inclined to interact.”

Mike has a very good point here! Did you ever dream of standing on a stage, any stage really, talking about something you’re really passionate about, but you don’t really have the nerve to actually go for it.

Trine Nissen

Umbraco Meetups are the perfect opportunity to get comfortable presenting in front of other people - and I promise you’ll have the friendliest crowd ever! So don’t hide and don’t hold back! We have a lot of friendly organizers out there, and I’m sure they are more than happy to help you get started! 🙌


👉 Missing content for your upcoming Umbraco Meetup? Worry not! Why don’t you talk about what’s new in Umbraco 9.2. We already prepared the slides for you. Find them right here

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See you in February! 👋

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