Sunset in Benidorm Spain

New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Deepti Brings the Sun to Denmark

Deepti has a long career in Learning & Development, and now Support!

Deepti Sharma
Written by Deepti Sharma

Deepti, our newest Support Warrior, is a bundle of literally-named sunshine from India 🌞 She now lives in Denmark with her family but jumpstarted her career in IT Learning & Development in England as well as her home country. She now brings her many years of experience and infectious confidence to Denmark, where she lives with her family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 and just started doing a wonderful job as a Support Warrior at Umbraco! 🛡

Yes!!! (a loud one 😊) I am the newest member of the SWAT team (read it with a Hollywood effect) 

My Umbraco journey

I got certified in Umbraco in March 2021. I realized I want to know this system inside-out and well, what’s a better place to accomplish that than Umbraco? So here I am, embarking on a friendly and fun Umbraco journey, which involves a lot of learning, delivery and growth. 

Continuing the legacy of my brilliant ‘Support Warriors and Troubleshooters’ team, I am here to help, support, and troubleshoot when you have any questions or issues, with zeal and a smile. Please feel free to contact me and I will ensure you a great support experience.


Who I am

My name is Deepti which means ‘sunlight’ (pretty important in Denmark 😉)

I am from India and moved to Denmark in 2012 with my family. I live with my husband and two lovely daughters (aged 6 and 10) in Smørum. I love to call my girls ‘stor P’ (big P) and ‘lille p’ (little P)... guessed right, both their names start with the letter ‘P’!

Being a mother includes being a pro in multi-tasking, continuous learning and excellent time management… and hey, I am mentioning just few here 😁

I speak Hindi, English, Danish (so proud, well…it is a tough language and my favorite word is ‘hyggelig’). I am an easy-going person who enjoys just about anything from architecture, photography, drawing, music, reading, yoga, and travel.

So far, I have travelled to innumerable cities, in 15 countries, spread across 4 continents). Being Indian, it’s implied (well, sort of) that I’m a fan of Bollywood movies.

Sunset in Benidorm Spain

A sunset in Benidorm, Spain during one of our trips

How I got to Denmark

When I was in college, I decided I wanted to live and work abroad after completing my studies. And believe me when I say it is not easy to convince Indian parents to let their daughter go to a foreign land alone! 

I finished my Master’s in Software Engineering and went to England on  a two-year work visa. And those two years taught me a lot in terms of managing ‘life’ alone, in every way. I worked as an administrative assistant for the IT education department in the National Health Service (NHS) and got promoted to an IT trainer after a few months. 

After returning to India, I joined Sun Life Financial, a Canadian Insurance company, in Learning and Development as the 20th India-based employee. My first task was to create a New Employee Orientation program for the about starting with a bang!

And then Denmark happened...our family made a pretty big decision to leave a well-settled life and job and start afresh in a non-English-speaking country. Though we faced initial hiccups in settling down, my husband and I always knew in our hearts that it would be one of the best decisions for us and our family. And indeed it has been 😄

Deeptiblog Flyinghigh

I enjoy trying new things on the go. (I didn’t take this picture, thank God :-)

The start of my career 

As a kid, I remember my list of ambitions started with being an astronaut, a pilot, operating big machines like tractors, cranes, etc. and then…I was introduced to computers while pursuing a diploma course in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Since that introduction, I have come a long way as an IT person.

Deeptiblog Vintageyearsago

This is presentation day for my computer class!

On presentation day for my computer class, I was 100% nervous inside and 110% confident outside!

I delivered a presentation on ‘voice modulation’ so that no one from my class could ask any questions 😉

This day laid a foundation for my career in Learning & Development that continues until today!

Have an Umbazing day!

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