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Get to know the newest member of Umbraco HQ.

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Today, you get to meet the newest member of the Umbraco HQ D-Team. More specifically; the Umbraco Cloud team. Say hello to Martin, a guy who’s never worked with Umbraco but heard so much good stuff about the entire Umbraco-sphere he just needed to be a part of it (pretty flattering, right?) 😊! Luckily, we were on the look for someone just like him. So here he is, and now you get to meet him as well:

Hi everybody

My name is Martin Clausen, and I am the newest team member of the Umbraco D-Team! I will be working as a Senior Kickass Software Developer on Umbraco Cloud.

Martin D Team2 (1)

My daily job at Umbraco is to give some love to all the Umbraco solutions running on the Cloud and come up with ways of improving an already extensive hosting platform ❤. What I am particularly interested in is making Umbraco even more cloud-friendly, and for that, I have a few ideas.

But how can one achieve such a noble goal? The thing is that you can’t. Not unless you have your trustworthy team and a great buddy! In my case, my brother in arms is Mikulas, whom I rely on every single day to point me in the right direction and challenge my wild Cowboy theories and solutions 🤠 as well as being the victim of my bad jokes.


I am very much looking forward to continuing working with the Umbraco Cloud team to see just how far the Cloud will take us.

Let’s build something!

Since the dawn of my time, I’ve always been interested in building stuff whether it was playing with lego, building houses in trees or trying to start a little flood at the local creek.

Since then, I’ve fortunately grown up (who would’ve expected that?🤷). I was lucky to get my first computer when I was no more than just 9 years old. Me being 31 years old today, you can imagine how old that computer was. Fairly early, I found out that I had a flair for technology and I haven’t looked back since 🤓

In my professional career I have been so lucky to explore all facets of software development, from being a consultant to product development to senior cloud architect/developer/Business intelligence/WhatEverMakesTheWheelSpin kind of guy, however, I’ve actually never worked with Umbraco before 😱


What really makes me fall in love over and over again with software development is how it resembles playing with lego. With coding, however, you just decide the color of the bricks by yourself 😉 Putting together pieces of lego, building small components, and then connecting the components to build big lego spaceships. It’s exactly the same thing when building software.


What’s even better, is building lego with friends!

When I am not playing with lego coding

I come from the beautiful southern part of Fyn where I was born and raised until 2008 when I moved to Odense for my studies. While I have previously had to commute a lot for work, Odense, and my tiny box apartment have remained my home, and with this new job at Umbraco, I only have to commute 4 minutes and 38 seconds on my bicycle (with no traffic 😄).


When I am not slinging code at the office, I am usually found at the gym where I tend to do all sorts of crazy stuff such as crossfit and gymnastics. Weirdly enough, being a software engineer you would think that I was able to sit still, but that could not be farther from the truth. So actually for me, all the sports help me take the edge off so I can sit still during office hours 😁


What I love about sports is the challenges, the never-ending pursuit of improvement, and the heartwarming community! It’s awesome to meet new people who share the same passion and learn from their experiences.

Martin Squad

Until recently I haven’t been much of a world explorer, but after half a year of travelling, I can safely say, I love adventures! Whether it’s the small adventures in the weekend to the farthest region of Denmark or backpacking trips into the unknown.

In my backpack you will usually find scuba diving equipment to explore the depth of the sea. Though I haven’t been practising my driving skills in the cold waters of Denmark yet, I will surely find a way to the sea soon! I can safely say I love diving because who doesn’t want to swim with whale sharks? So if you want to go for a dive, let me know 🐟



Marin Shark

It is fair to say that I love adventures, of all kinds. Whether it is tracking for days through the jungles of Thailand, a skiing trip to Austria, or a road trip to unknown destinations where the only certain thing is a flip of a coin.

For the biggest part of 2018 I’ve been travelling, and though I have been halfway around the world, I never really been too far away. My friends back home have kept feeding me legendary stories about Umbraco, Codegarden and its awesome community, so when I arrived back on Danish soil I was in no doubt that I needed to apply for a job at Umbraco HQ.

The rest is history, and I cannot wait to meet all of you.


Martin Turkey

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