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Niels (III) has joined Umbraco to make things more intuitive for you and your editors

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We love hiring people who are passionate about what they do. Niels Lyngsø is a prime example of that. With tons of valuable Umbraco knowledge and with a vision to make Umbraco the most editor-friendly CMS, we are very happy to welcome Niels to Umbraco HQ! We can’t wait to see what he creates for us and for you 🤩

A passion for UI

The pixels on computer screens were very clear back in 1987, though my vision wasn’t yet. But as my vision matured I got fond of pixels and evolved a passion for Graphical User Interfaces.

A passion that I now will be using to make the interfaces of Umbraco even more friendly, first and foremost by making it intuitive. By developing consistent and recognisable options throughout the system, my aim is to give users the confidence to explore the possibilities of Umbraco. A journey which I personally hope will ensure Umbraco as the most editor-friendly CMS for any type of content.

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But achieving this vision for a CMS isn’t the obvious choice for a UI passionate guy like me. Actually, working at Umbraco is quite a change in my career, but on the other hand also a natural extension of my path.

The last 5 years I’ve been working for a small Danish agency called Spring/Summer where we developed visually outstanding sites, pushing the limits of web-applications to help the brands standout.

A part of that task was to develop platforms which helped the client create content that could stand out. A website is never better than the content it presents and my focus went towards making sure that editors have the correct choices at hand for them to make their content shine.

Before I entered the agency world I had a 3-year-break from web-programming where I studied Interactive Design at the Danish School of Media. Diving into the sea of visuals broadened my view of how we can use visual design to communicate. How a small visual detail can affect our interpretation and how we can use that to nudge the user.

Naturally, I will now be using my experience to help developers create systems that will provide the features for editors to create better content for tomorrow.

My mission started in January 2019 at Umbraco, where my job title is UI/UX Engineer.

A bit about me

For the last 8 years I have been living in Copenhagen, but soon I will move to Odense. The city that I lived in before moving to Copenhagen, but also a city closer to where I grew up. Which is just 40km south, on the southern coast of Fyn. A place close to nature and with a lot of time to play with Lego and computers.

Lego is a big part of me and my way of thinking systematically. Though I haven’t played for years I hope soon to be able to play again.


Niels Familien

With me from Copenhagen I will be bringing my girlfriend and our 3-month-old daughter, so hopefully, there will be room for play as she gets older.

Moving to Odense also means getting a small house with a small garden and a little workshop. Here I will be able to get away from the screen to create non-digital things. My dad was a cabinetmaker and the genes for fixing and building things flows through my veins.

Do you have ideas or a good story?

Part of my role at Umbraco HQ will be to ensure that we make solutions that will be useful for editors, so if you have any great ideas on how to improve Umbraco or just a scenario that you find interesting, please let me know. A story can both be good or bad, but especially the bad ones are interesting cause they represent scenarios that we are not good enough to handle, or haven’t provided an obvious solution for - yet.

If you're attending Codegarden 2019 you can meet me in the Dream Corner, where I will retrieve, share, talk and draw dreams for the future of the CMS.

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