Thursday, May 17, 2018

Odense Harbour - what to see

Harbour? Are we going on a boat trip? Ehm...not today 😉   

Vera at the harborLet me show you around...

The harbour area in Odense has been under great renovation the last few years - this means that it’s now full of life, activities and even delicious food and drink. It’s industrial in a sort of hipster way. If you’re a foodie or a drinkie (
is that a thing ? 🤔) Odense harbour is now also a perfect hangout for you.


And then it’s also the area you’ll be at when you’re at Codegarden! Simply because DOK5000 and Umbraco HQ are located here.


Last year I gave you a more general tour of Odense, listing lots of different things for you to do; Odense Zoo, H.C. Andersen museum, beautiful green spots etc. These tips are still highly relevant, so please do have a read if you want a full Odense adventure.


Now, back to the harbour 🚣 And you know what, it’s more fun to show than just tell:


Added bonus 
- on the weekend following Codegarden, 25-27th of May, there is a cultural festival happening at the harbour (Havnekulturfestival). Music, food, dance, lots of people - if you have the chance, drop by (it’s free) and experience the great atmosphere.


Oh, and another added bonus; whether you know this or not, for every day of Codegarden we have something fun and social planned for the evenings - so don’t go back to your hotel room to snooze straight after dinner, otherwise you will miss out!

The evening plan? 🤔 Well:


Wednesday … is a surprise. Not even I’m allowed to know. I’ve been told the focus is to meet new people, something casual but very fun…. So let’s see!


Thursday - the famous and infamous Umbraco Bingo. Not like any bingo you’ve ever been to. Forget all about a quiet room, prices in the form of various meat-cuts and numbers. This experience will stick to your brain with great joy and perhaps with a bit of confusion for months to follow 🦒


Friday - we are taking the “farewell” bar to Storms Pakhus (yes, the great food and drinks place I just showed you in the video). The perfect surroundings for the final casual Codegarden hangout before everyone travels home.


I hope this small guide inspired you and got you even more excited for you trip!


See you very soon by the harbour, in Odense, at Codegarden 2018 🙏

Vera JumpingJumping photos are still a thing, right? 🙈


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