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The nominations for the 2022 Umbraco MVP Awards are open!

Written by Ilham Boulghallat

Are you dedicating time or sharing knowledge to help grow Umbraco and foster its friendly Umbraco community? Maybe you know someone who really deserves a H5YR out of the ordinary? Then this is for you; you can now apply or nominate others for an official 2022 Umbraco MVP Award! Help us shine a light on these amazing ambassadors ūüéČ The application opens today and will close on March 30th ‚Ź≤¬†

Last year we celebrated 62 Umbraco MVPs (Most Valuable People) who, despite a challenging year, made sure to stay involved and to contribute to their favorite CMS. We couldn’t be more grateful for their hard work and how much they inspire others in the community.

While the circumstances are still not optimal this year, the Umbraco community managed to show an active engagement, especially the significant contributions that led to a successful launch of Umbraco 9. Contributions that ranged from Core and Docs pull requests to several blog posts and videos which helped demystify trying out Umbraco on .NET 5. People have inspired each other, collaborated, and helped make a major release an easier one to get started with. 

Beyond contributions to Umbraco 9, many are helping out on the forum, organizing events, creating and maintaining packages, speaking at events, and supporting the Umbraco Community Teams. 

For that, we want to say a big thank you to everyone, and give the opportunity to our friendly community to help us choose the 2022 Umbraco MVPs.

As of today, we are opening up the applications to the 2022 MVP Awards. Submit your application or nominate a community member.


Submit your nominations


Who can submit?  

The nominations are open to everyone. You can either nominate yourself or someone from the community. We encourage self-nominations; don't hesitate to share your story.

To highlight the work of active community members, think of content that covers the following questions:

  • Who inspired you?
  • Who supported you?
  • Whose involvement has made a big difference for you and the community?

The Umbraco contribution, code of conduct and values are at the center of this process. 

The selection of New and Renewed MVPs is based on the activity of the nominee during the 12 months leading up to Codegarden.

Umbraco MVPs at Codegarden

The MVP Program 

In the last couple of years, the MVP program transitioned from a rewarding badge to a closer collaboration between Umbraco HQ and the MVPs. 

As an MVP, you can expect to have access to: 

  • MVP Connect - A quarterly exclusive event
  • A dedicated Slack channel for the MVPs on the HQ workspace
  • The Umbraco blog to publish your articles and share your ideas
  • MVP Academy initiative
    • Skills building through free courses
    • Pay-it-forward and community growth through MVP scholarships


Submission timeline

  • 9 March 2022: Applications open
  • 30 March 2022: Applications close (at 4 pm CEST)
  • 15 June 2022: Official announcement of the 2022 MVPs at Codegarden
Mvp Unews


The nomination form includes two sections: New MVPs and Renewed MVPs. The Renewed MVPs section displays a dropdown list with the names of the current MVPs to choose from. Before submitting a new nomination, we recommend you have a look at the list of the current MVPs.

Umbraco HQ will be considering all current MVPs as nominees for the renewal.


Selection process

The selection of the final list of new and renewed MVPs will be done by Umbraco HQ. 

But before that, and as part of the selection process, the current MVPs will be given access to the list of nominees (names only), in order to weigh in based on their experience interacting with the nominees in different channels and events. The insights by the current MVPs will only be considered if they have interacted with the nominees. 

We will make sure that this process is GDPR-compliant and the review will not include contact information, e.g. email address. 

And to avoid any conflict of interest, this first-round review by the current MVPs will not cover the renewals. 


Make sure to get your application in by the 30th of March 2022!

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