Ilham Ceo

The Umbraco CEO - a familiar face in a new role

A new position dedicated to the Umbraco Community

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Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

It’s no secret that we love our friendly Umbraco community. No wait, we absolutely adore it! It’s a community that has constantly made us proud and keep surprising us with their excitement, passion and dedication to everything Umbraco - H5YR! We always enjoy taking active part in the different community events happening around the world - and online - as that’s how we stay close. But we want to get even closer:

We admit that Umbraco HQ have not always been the most structured or consistent player in the community game. We want to change that.

Therefore, we set aside dedicated resources for that work and created a new position - the Umbraco CEO. The Umbraco Community Engagement Officer's (UCEO) proudest job is to help facilitate the friendly sharing culture within and around the Umbraco community. Meanwhile creating a close bond between the community and the Umbraco HQ.

Who is the new Umbraco Community Engagement Officer?

Give a warm welcome to Ilham. Ilham started at the Umbraco HQ back in July 2016 and has since then been a Friend Maker, where her main tasks have been to help out our various Umbraco partners around the world. Now, she’s the UCEO.

Attendees at Codegarden17 have met her during the keynote where she presented her research work on Our and Open Source Software communities. So if you think she looks familiar, that’s probably why. If not, then you’ll definitely see and hear more from her very soon.

Ilhma Presenting

Ilham presenting her research finding on stage at Codegarden 2017


What will Ilham’s tasks be?

Amongst the UCEO’s tasks we find:

  • Being the ears and voice of the community at HQ.

  • Facilitating the contribution process eg. pull request process and help onboard newcomers to our community.

  • Help where help is needed in regards to arranging Meet-ups, Festivals and other community events

Ilham will love to hear from you!

We want to ensure that the friendly knowledge sharing culture that’s currently seen in our community will keep on growing. In the coming months, Ilham will collect thoughts and ideas on how we can succeed in this together.

Therefore, please don’t hold back - reach out to Ilham at, say hi and share your thoughts and ideas on how we can make the friendly Umbraco community even friendlier.

Ilham Ceo

Ilham is just as friendly as she looks, so go ahead and drop her an email. 

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One of the biggest benefits of using Umbraco is that we have the friendliest Open Source community on this planet. A community that's incredibly pro-active, extremely talented and helpful.

If you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, chances are that someone has already built it. And if you have a question, are looking for documentation or need friendly advice, go ahead and ask on the community forums.

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