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The Umbraco DK Festival 2018

The Awesome Umbraco DK Festival twinkles in the horizon

All awesomeness is gathered as the planning of the Umbraco DK Festival has begun. Speakers are carefully being selected and festivities are being planned.

The date for this years’ Umbraco DK Festival is the 26th of October in Aarhus.

If you love Umbraco, or if you like Umbraco very much, or just a tiny bit, we highly recommend you to attend this festival.

The Umbraco DK Festival has two tracks: a tech track solely focusing on Umbraco and all its technical uses, features and services. And a business track with focus on the commercial part of digital solutions, tools and trends.

As the awesome festival it is, you are of course welcome to  participate on both tracks, just as this clever guy did at a prior Umbraco DK Festival:

There’s been some excellent talks this year - on both tracks. I must admit that even though I was signed up for the Tech Track I did manage to sneak into a few talks on the Business Track. I came away with some really interesting and relevant learnings from both tracks, so that’s really awesome.

DK festival


Even though the planning is in its early days, we have already ensured the Chief Unicorn, Master of Confetti and founder of Umbraco, Niels Hartvig, to open the festival. Hopefully, he will let us in on some exciting secrets regarding Umbraco 8 and the future of  Umbraco.

Niels Hartvig


The program will continually be updated as new speakers are booked. Keep an eye on and the Umbraco DK Festival’s Twitter account to stay updated.

Are you an early bird who don’t want to miss out on the awesome Umbraco DK Festival, then go claim your ticket to a very special price:


It is the sixth time that we, Kraftvaerk, organizes the Umbraco DK Festival, and it seems to get bigger for each year.

Maybe because of the special Umbraco atmosphere?

I’ve met up with people from the Umbraco community, old as well as new ones. It’s a great opportunity to network and because of the new Business Track I’ve also talked to new people which is really nice. To summaries the day: Good specific information and community. And like all Umbraco events; festivals, Codegarden, Meetups, there’s such a great atmosphere and everybody trust each other - you can leave your laptop unattended and there’s no need to worry - it’s an incredible place to be.

DK festival

Or maybe because of the awesome takeaways?


In general, with all the talks today, whether being abstract or more practical, they force you to re-think the way you do things and that’s really great.

…even though all the talks have been very versatile throughout the day, I’ve come away with one main theme to focus on: User Experience”

The new division of tracks (Tech and Business, red.) is so relevant. It’s important for developers because it is good to gain an understanding into why you’re told to do a project in a specific way, and likewise, it is nice that our consultants and our bosses get a greater understanding of what we do (…). To them, Umbraco is all about coding but with a Business Track like at this festival, it becomes much more. I’ll definitely try to sell the festival a bit better to my business orientated co-workers next time!

Oh yeah! Sign me up now >>



The day of awesomeness is October 26th, 2018. The doors open at 8.30 am where Kraftvaerk will be ready to greet you with the famous Umbraco energy, warm coffee and breakfast.

At 9.30 am, the program kicks off. 

DK festival


Ticket prices are DKK 1,000 for a full-day ticket including the amazing evening event (dinner, open bar and socializing with fellow Umbracians), and DKK 850 for a program-only ticket.

Are you an early bird? Then hurry up and make a bargain with ticket prices at only DKK 750 and DKK 500.

The prices include 8 speaks, 2 keynotes, workshops, breakfast, lunch, all the snacks, water and coffee you can handle.

If you buy a full-day ticket you also get a delicious dinner and open bar. What is not to like?

Yes, I would love to get my ticket now!

Location: Kraftvaerk, Sommervej 31F, 8210 Aarhus V


Kraftvaerk – say who?

Kraftvaerk is an Umbraco Gold partner and a strong believer in the community. We are known for delivering high quality digital solutions that creates value for our customers and supports our customers’ business.

We embrace the digital development and get super excited when we get to play with new technologies, services and systems in order to develop the best solutions for our customers. Read more at

That being said, we hope to see you at the Umbraco DK Festival. We promise you an awesome day! 😉

Sign up here:

DK Festival


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