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The Umbraco DK Festival returns in November 2022

Everything new in Umbraco, plus some foresight for Umbraco 11

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Great talks, great food, great venue, and more! Here'swhat to expect from the upcoming Umbraco DK Festival from hosts Kraftvaerk.

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The festival season is upon us! And that means this year’s Umbraco DK Festival is, too. This year, the Festival is will happen on the 24th of November 2022 in Aarhus, with the programme starting at 8.30 and ending at 16.00.

We have an awesome programme ready for you that will bring you on top of everything new within Umbraco! 

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A large room with a full audience, listening to the speaker on stage. There are 2 screens showing the presentation. The room is bright and welcoming.

A glimpse at Umbraco DK Fest 2021

Umbraco anywhere, minimal APIs and take-off to Cloud & Heartcore

The switch to .NET core has for sure made Umbraco more flexible, and now with true cross-platform support in Umbraco 10, its potential has been unchained! At the festival, we’ll explore everything from the practical to the mind-blowing ways you can run Umbraco anywhere. We’ll also take a closer look at Minimal APIs; what’s possible and what’s in store for Minimal APIs with .NET 7. Last but not least, we’ll have a take-off to the latest and greatest within Cloud and Heartcore.

Bjarke, Arnold, Filip and Helle from HQ are sitting together on the stage. Filip speaks while the audience listens on

An HQ panel at the Umbraco DK Fest 2021 with Bjarke Berg, Arnold Visser, Filip Bech Larsen and Helle Kragelund

If that wasn’t enough…

Only one week after the Umbraco DK Festival, the brand new Umbraco 11 version will be released. So, naturally, we have made sure that you’ll be enlightened about the upcoming Umbraco 11 release, and other important steps toward the future of Umbraco. 

You’ll for sure leave this year’s festival on top of everything new within Umbraco. So don’t wait too long, if want to get your hands on some attractive early-bird tickets.

A table is filled with bowls with pleasantly presented fruit

A taste of the catering at the Umbraco DK Festival

Network with the friendliest community

No Umbraco Festival without network and community! In Denmark, the Umbraco DK Festival is the biggest conference for the Danish Umbraco Community. Join us to share experiences, get inspired, and to have fun with fellow peers. 

No matter if you’re one of the many who has participated before or are new in the world’s maybe friendliest community, we hope that you’ll want to join!


See you November 24th in Aarhus

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