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The Umbraco MVPs 2024

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Written by Lucy Brailsford

2024 is a very exciting year for Umbraco, as well as for our newly announced Umbraco MVPs (Most Valuable People)! This year we have our largest cohort yet, with 23 new and 77 renewed MVPs, giving us a grand total of 100 Umbraco MVPs! We’re certainly looking forward to a great year of collaboration. Check out the list of this year’s fantastic new and renewed MVPs:

It’s that time of year again when we gather in Odense for Codegarden, the annual Umbraco Conference. Every year the event brings together the Umbraco Community, to learn, share knowledge, and connect.

We also love to celebrate all the things while at Codegarden; our product, our customers, our community, and especially our wonderful MVPs - the community folk who go above and beyond to contribute to Umbraco, helping their fellow Umbraco developers, users, and practitioners. So, without further ado, let’s meet them!


Image of two MVPs, holding MVP awards, set against a sunny, outdoor background with a blue fade text overlay, saying 2024 Umbraco MVPs

New MVPs for 2024

Adam Predergast

Amalie Wowern

Amy Czuba

Andrew McKaskill

Andy Boot

Dean Leigh

Dhanesh Kumar MJ

George Bidder

Jason Prothero

Jason Wodicka

Jen Wolke

Jesper Mayntzhusen

Joe Kepley

Johan Reitsma

Jon Whitter

Matt Begent

Nikhil Prajapati

Ollie Picton

Richard Jackson

Richard Soeteman

Sean Thorne

Terence Burridge

Warren Buckley



Renewed MVPs for 2024

Aaron Sadler

Adam Werner

Alex Skrypnyk

Alice Meng

Ander Bjerner

Andy Eva-Dale

Bjarne Fyrstenborg

Blake Watt

Busra Sengul

Callum Whyte

Carl Sargunar

Carole Rennie Logan

Cat Todd

Chad Currie

Chriztian Steinmeier

Corne Hoskam

Dan Booth

Danny Lancaster

Dave Woestenborghs

Dennis Adolfi

Dennis Heutinck

Emma Garland

Emmanuel Tissera

Erica Quessenberry

Erik-Jan Westendorp



Frans de Jong

Heather Floyd

Henk Boelman

Huw Reddick

Jan Skovgaard

Janae Cram

Jason Elkin

Jeavon Leopold

Jeffrey Schoemaker

Jeroen Breuer

Joe Glombek

Joke van Hamme

Jon D Jones

Karl Tynan

Karla Santi

Kevin Jump

Kyle Weems

Lars-Erik Aabech

Laura Neto

Laura Weatherhead

Lennard Fonteijn

Marc Goodson

Marcin Zajkowski

Mario Lopez

Markus Johansson

Matt Hart

Matt Sutherland

Matt Wise

Michael Latouche

Mike Masey

Nik Rimington

Nikolaj Brask-Nielsen

Nurhak Kaya

Owain Jones

Owain Williams

Paul Marden

Paul Seal

Paul Sterling

Phil Whittaker

Poornima Nayar

Rachel Breeze

Ravi Motha

Richard Ockerby

Rick Butterfield

Robert Foster

Shannon Deminick

Sophie Neale

Søren Kottal

Steve Temple

Thomas Morris

Tiffany Prosser

Tim Payne

Huge Congratulations to all who received a new MVP award title and to all who have had their MVP status renewed! 🎉

We can’t wait to see what you do over the next 12 months!

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