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Umbraco Awards 2021 🏆

Written by Anders Trans Sørensen

Another year, yet another amazing Umbraco Award show 🏆 We were truly blown away by the quality, beauty, and breadth of the entries this year, and we’re thrilled to cast the spotlight on 9 wonderful Umbraco solutions that have been created since May 2020 🙌  So if you are looking for inspiration or just want to see the best solutions, apps, and tech that the Umbraco community has come up with over the last few months, get ready to be amazed!

Umbraco Awards is our way of giving credit, where credit is due. That’s why, every year, we celebrate the amazing Umbraco solutions that have been created. We want to recognize the community and partners for the best solutions in and around Umbraco and showcase these as inspiration for others 🚀 

A Jury consisting of Umbraco experts from the Umbraco community and Umbraco HQ picked the winner out of 3 nominees, in 9 separate categories.

So, who were calling the shots this year? This year's Jury members were:


Harmen Visser - Commercial Director at TRES

Kirstie Buchanan - Growth & Partnerships Director at CTI Digital

Greg Vincent - Senior Lead Software Developer at Definition 6

Martin Wülser Larsen - Online Communications Dragoon at Umbraco HQ 

Anders Trans Sørensen - Major Friend Maker at Umbraco HQ


And the Umbraco Awards 2021 go to...🥁

Best Cloud Solution 

Winner: Brightwire with Digital transformation for the Legal Ombudsman.

Nominees: Equator, Gorm Agency



The Jury said:

''Great narration and great stats. Flexible form customization, multi-lingual content, and helpful prompts during the complaint process. Excellent accessibility and language options. Impressive results, easy to manage complaint forms, and easy access for consumers.''


Best Custom Solution 

Winner: Mentor Digital with National Composites Centre - Learning Management System.

Nominees: Adage Technologies, Rock Solid Knowledge 



The Jury said:

''Very slick. Extremely flexible way of building online courses, very easy to manage. The image and hotspot component should be standard in Umbraco!''


Best Designed Site

Winner: Knowit Experience with GöteborgsOperan.

Nominees: Mentor Digital, Yoyo



The Jury said:

''Well designed and easy to navigate. Excellent visual design to showcase performances and exhibits. We love the UX on this site as it simply does what it should do; excite and engage.''


Best Editing Experience

Winner: Bump Digital with

Nominees: Mentor Digital, Cogworks



The Jury said:

''Wonderful back-office customizations that provide easy access to abundant product content and streamlined order fulfillment. Lots of functionalities that come together in a clear and hierarchical way in Umbraco. Both template generation and order fulfillment are a piece of cake.''


Best Public Sector Solution

Winner: DXS powered by agap2IT with CARRIS.

Nominees: Phases, Zeroseven



The Jury said:

''Excellent transit site with content in Portuguese and English. Useful route and schedule information for transit in Lisbon. Easy to use and navigate.''


Best Healthcare Solution

Winner: I-ology with Sonora Quest Laboratories Digital Transformation.

Nominees: Tactuum Ltd, Sitback Solutions



The Jury said:

''A fantastic example of digitization with impressive functionality. Scheduling and calendar integration with appointment and lab results notifications and integrated online pay. Beautifully designed with the user in mind.''


Best Gold Partner Solution

Winners: Phases with NYC Votes, a website for 5.5M New Yorkers.

Nominees: Zeroseven, Rock Solid Knowledge



The Jury said:

''An incredible community-driven site that grows intuitively with the end-user. Design and clarity of UX make it a site that will be used as a benchmark in their sector.''


Best Certified Partner Solution

Winner: DXS powered by agap2IT with CARRIS.

Nominees: Etch Group, Ph.Creative



The Jury said:

''This solution is everything a public transport traveler needs on one platform. Favorite routes, notifications, and planners. We want that bus live tracking too!''


Jury's Choice Award

Winner: Zeroseven with GIVIT



The Jury said:

''The website makes it easy to donate money, items, or volunteer time to a worthy charity. The site is well-designed and easy to use.''


Thank you for your contributions - H5YR! 

We want to say thank you to everyone who submitted their solutions for the Umbraco Awards! The solutions were very impressive and the amount of work put into the videos, images, and text describing the solutions has been magnificent. We hope to see even more great submissions for next year’s award show 🤩

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