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Umbraco Cloud Incident 13/11 - 14/11/2020

Management Statement

Kim Sneum Madsen (1)
Written by Kim Sneum Madsen

We are painfully aware that the Umbraco Cloud incidents within the last weeks have been affecting our customers. All hands are on deck and we are working round the clock to solve the issues. Read the full management statement here:

Our Umbraco Cloud customers and our customers' customers have been through a tough time recently as a consequence of a number of incidents within the last weeks. 

Since the first incident we have been hard at work preventing incidents from happening and reducing impact of these should they happen. Recently we called an unscheduled maintenance window to improve the situation. Please see status page for details on this

All hands have been and are still on deck both internally and externally meaning that we have been (and are) working with the MS Azure team and other external experts to solve the issues. 

We are still hard at work but rest assured that we will continue until the job is done. 

Further once the job is done and we are on the other side of this we promise you a thorough overview of the incident, causes and actions taken to prevent incidents in the future.

We do apologize and please convey our apologies to your customers.

Kim Sneum Madsen - CEO and Jacob Midtgaard-Olesen - CTO

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