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uProfile February 2019: Neeta Natrajan

uProfile February 2019: Neeta Natrajan

Working for: McCann Erickson – Craft World Wide

Job role:  Umbraco .NET developer

Country: India

Time working with Umbraco: 2 years 4 months

uProfile February 2019

Your favourite Umbraco moment?

This moment happened when we integrated Umbraco with an existing application. Towards the end of delivery, the client wanted additional functionality with the Rich Text Editor. We were able to deliver it immediately, much to their pleasure. This is my favourite Umbraco moment because it was a great improvement in client experience and everyone was happy with it.

What in your Umbraco career are you most proud of?

When I worked solo on a learning module for an Umbraco website. Without Umbraco, this would have taken months to build. With Umbraco, it took around a month or so.

After that comes being featured on uProfile. Of course, there is always more to look forward to.

What about Umbraco keeps you coming back for more?

Umbraco CMS is easy to use. The building blocks are more than enough to start off with a basic, functional site. Customizing it deeper is a pleasant experience as opposed to a stressful one as normally encountered elsewhere. There are useful packages available and you can also dive into the code OR ask around to get quality help.

Of course, the awesome people who truly make Umbraco.  There are – how-to-videos, the meetups that put their material online, the announcements and tips on Twitter.  When I mentioned the first meetup for the Umbraco Navi Mumbai meetup group on twitter there was a lot of support and wishes from established Umbraco experts.

Navi Mumbai Umbraco meetup with Rutuja, Monty and Rutuja senior.

What are you currently working on?

Right now, I’m working on a United Kingdom transport website, using Umbraco forms.   

What are your top 3 best tips for an Umbraco newbie?

  1. Watch

  2. Follow community member Paul Seal, look of documentation on, sign up for the monthly magazine for sharing knowledge in the Umbraco community; Skrift, and go explore the interesting and helpful articles gathered in 24 days in Umbraco.

  3. Create your project and check out the various packages

Any aspirations for your future?

For this year – learning more Umbraco, hosting more meetups and meeting other Umbracians.

The 5-year plan – get Umbraco certified.

If you could have a superpower - what would it be?

The Midas touch for knowledge, compassion, and love-for-elephant-and-ant-jokes. Super-Neeta to the rescue!

Tell us something unexpected about yourself

I am really good at recognizing how cheesy a romance novel is based on the blurb.


Sweet fortune

One of my favourite romance novels

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

What I am currently reading

What on top of your bucket list?

To see the Aurora Borealis  

Malshej Ghat during monsoon season


A massive H5YR to Neeta😀! If you’d like to connect with Neeta you can find her on Twitter: @nnatter and on LinkedIn:

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