Monday, January 4, 2016

uProfile - Sebastian Claesson Hoffback

Sebastian Claesson

Name:Sebastian Claesson Hoffback

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Role/Company:Software Developer/CTO at Camelonta in Stockholm

Started working with Umbraco in which year? 2015. For several years we had been looking for a CMS to replace our own, Umbraco was always a candidate but there was always something missing. When 7 came with a better UI and 7.2 with the grid I was sold and haven't looked back.

What are you currently working on?
An intranet in Umbraco with Active Directory Single Sign-On and some community features. I will also start with a big upgrade from an old Umbraco 4 site very soon. It will be my first Umbraco project not starting from scratch on 7 so that will be interesting.

Favourite Umbraco moment or achievement?
That has to be Codegarden 2015. Never before have I been to a conference that had so much good content for me as a developer and still was a lot of fun. It really gave me a taste for more and made me want to help out. It was a nice welcoming into the community.

Piece of Umbraco work you are most proud of?
One of the first things I did was to get Umbraco backoffice working on mobile. The groundwork was already there for tablets so it was only a couple quite small and easy fixes. It was really gratifying building on a such solid ground. I would not recommend anyone writing a long article on their mobile anyway but it is quite powerful to be able to do simple edits on a mobile if you have to.

What about Umbraco keeps you coming back for more?
I lurk a lot on You learn a lot just by reading the forum and it is always fascinating to see what cool plugins people are making. I just wish that I had time to contribute more myself :)

What is on your desk at work?
I try to keep a quite clean desk so most of the time it is only my computer and screens. But of course it always gets filled with sketches of systems / notes from old projects and other things.

Tell us something interesting about yourself - hobbies, hidden talents, famous friends
I have a weird knack for movie quotes and dialogue. My mind is completely blank when it comes to names/actors and stuff that normal people remembers but it is not unusual that I can recite their dialogue instead.

What is on the top of your bucket list?
I would like to go on a safari somewhere in Africa, it would be cool seeing lions and all kinds of wild animals from a jeep. Very different from the cold Sweden.

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