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Gabriel Ionut Brumea
Written by Gabriel Ionut Brumea

SOLD OUT! 8 out of 11 times in 2020, we’ve had to call "sold out" on the Umbraco Fundamentals courses in Europe. Never has this course been this popular! Maybe it’s because it’s the best place to start your Umbraco journey, maybe it’s because it’s available online, maybe you take it as part of your official certification journey, maybe… whatever the reason, we’re very happy to see this high interest as it indicates a clear interest in gaining best practice Umbraco skills 💪  - but we’re also aware that it’s super annoying to be met with a “SOLD OUT” sign when you want to take the course - we will change that for 2021!

Upping the frequency for Fundamentals

Starting from 2021, we’re going to offer 2x Fundamentals a month in the European timezone. 

This will hopefully ensure you’re not met with a discouraging “SOLD OUT” now you’ve finally decided to start your Umbraco journey and it will also give you more flexibility in order to fit the training with your schedule.

We also know that a lot of Umbraco web agencies book this particular course for new employees as part of their onboarding program - with this new frequency, it should be easier to fit the Fundamentals course in with the onboarding process, making sure this is the first course they attend - it is, after all, the best place to start your Umbraco learning and the stepping stone to any of the other certification courses. 

Can I book now?

Yes! The dates for all courses in the first quarter of 2021 are already online - and as a special treat, if you hurry, you can grab an exclusive 25% discount on all courses if you book before Monday, 30th of November, 16:00 CET. 


Why is the Fundamentals course so popular? 

Of all the sold training seats in 2020, 26% of them have been Fundamentals. Given that we offer 9 different courses, that’s quite a significant percentage! 

But why is it so popular?

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Great material, engaging trainer, hands-on experience

 ☝️ Those are not our own words…

 “Very useful fundamentals course and the material is great. The teacher is very engaging and makes it easy to follow"
Jorge de los Santos, Developer

"A very good course for Umbraco beginners, and would definitely recommend for colleagues that are new and want to get started with Umbraco. The instructor was clear, kind and enthusiastic. Material was without any issues." Roman Wiedijk

"The instructor was really positive and answered all of my questions. The materials are really good and allow you to get a great practical hands-on experience with the CMS." Sam Pawson, Junior Full Stack Developer

"The energy level of the trainer was really awesome. He solved all the doubts we had. Explanation of each topic was out of the box, excellent" Anand Kumar, Lead Engineer

The best place to start. Fact. 

The Fundamentals teaches you… well, the fundamentals. 

And that being the current fundamentals, meaning you get knowledge of the basic building blocks of Umbraco so you know how to build a website from scratch but you also get taught about the latest features and functionality.

Currently, the fundamentals touch upon these topics:

✅ Document types 

✅ Building blocks + functionality

✅ Macros

✅ Partial views 

✅  Language Variants (how to create a multilingual site)

✅ The image cropper

✅ List views

✅ Umbraco Forms 

✅ The Grid editor 

✅ Nested content and the new block list editor

Flattening the learning curve 

When you’re new, it can be hard to know where to start and where to go next. You can find a lot of helpful Umbraco material and documentation online, but when you’re new - this can be overwhelming.

Sofie The Happy Editor

One of the things we hear again and again from our attendees is that they enjoy how well-structured our courses are. And as for the Fundamentals course, it’s a hands-on course we have designed to ensure you leave with an overall understanding of how to use the CMS as well as get an insight into the opportunities you have to take things further. 

Your first official Umbraco certification title!

On top of all that, completing the Fundamentals course gives you 100 certification points which automatically results in an official Umbraco certification title: Umbraco Certified Professional. 

An official title to add to your CV, boast about on LinkedIn/Twitter or discreetly slide into the conversation around the office ;) 

Book today - start... soon!

The extra Fundamental courses have been added to the training schedule for the first quarter of 2021 (along with all the other courses, of course). 

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So go ahead and book today for yourself or a co-worker of yours, and soon your Umbraco journey will be off to the best possible start!

...And why not enjoy 25% off while you’re at it. All you have to do is book before Monday the 30th of November at 16:00 CET (pssst… the 25% offer is on ALL courses)


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