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Why the bridging courses might be something just for you

Should you join the next generation of Umbraco? 🎱

You've heard us call Umbraco version 8 “the next generation of Umbraco.” But should you take a step and join the “next generation” now if you're already skilled in Umbraco 7? We think so. But for you to hear a less biased opinion we want you to meet someone who's already decided to level up via the Bridging Courses. Someone who has worked with Umbraco 8 herself and can answer all the questions you might have if you're considering levelling up and going on the Bridging Courses. Meet Poornima:

Name: Poornima Nayar

Job role: Freelance Developer

Umbraco Bridging Courses bought: Bridging Master Bundle With Security Course (all 5 available Bridging Courses)

Umbraco Bridging Courses completed so far: Fundamentals and MVC

Why did you decide to go for the bridging course offering?

First and foremost, I wanted to retain my Umbraco Certified Master status for which I had to do the full Security training course before the end of the year.

Before I got to sign up for that, the exclusive Master bundle for the version 8 bridging course was announced, and I thought it would be great to extend my knowledge to version 8 as well.

As someone who works with Umbraco a lot, coupled with the fact that I am a freelancer, I like my skills up-to-date. Umbraco version 8 has lots of changes under the hood as well and it's important to learn about it. Plus, I thought it was a good value for the money spent on the courses. 

What were your expectations before watching the first course? 

With version 8 and an insight into some of its features under the hood thanks to the documentation, I am aware of how Umbraco is becoming an ecosystem.

Apart from this, the useful tips that the attendees gain during the training have always been the highlights of Umbraco training courses for me.

The knowledge in the courses is great, but the little tips can be a total game-changer. The first two bridging courses that I've tried are no different. I have gained a lot of useful tips and have learned how powerful some of the features can be.

The experience has been really intriguing.

What do you think of the format "on-demand training"? 

I think the format is perfect for bridging courses.

The focus on these courses is to bridge the gap, which means the attendees are assumed to have the background info about Umbraco. In this scenario, this works perfectly.

Also, for someone like me, time is sacred, since I'm a freelancer and a mother. This format allows me a lot of flexibility. Since each course spans 3 hours max, I can take them during an evening and take my time around it.

I can take breaks, rewind and watch the portions again if I miss something out, which is again very convenient.

What do you see as the top 3 benefits of going on the Bridging Courses?

  1. Some parts of Umbraco 8 are very intriguing and quite advanced. In this case, the video format works great, since it offers some insights that the documentation on Our.Umbraco cannot.

  2. The bridging courses are on-demand, which means you can gain the above knowledge at your will and convenience.

  3. The ability to keep your skills up-to-date in Umbraco 8. There is more to Umbraco Umbraco 8 than you just see and you gain some really useful tips during the course.

Was there something you were surprised to learn?

Yes. I have only finished 2 courses and I am actually blown away by how much I have learnt.

I am totally surprised to see how much is going on in version 8. It was great to learn about the changes in the helper methods and a useful tip I learnt was around the fallback values. I got introduced to the nice little tool - Compact Log Viewer which Warren authored. The component and composers have always intrigued me, and I am amazed to see the various use cases around it.

Would you recommend the bridging courses to others? Who and why?

I would definitely suggest the bridging courses to those who have done the Umbraco 7 courses. Having the background is great, but you need some guidance to extend that to Umbraco 8.

True, there is documentation, but it's always the little tips that take me back to attending these courses. They are total lifesavers.

The courses are very very focussed, quite in-depth and you will be amazed to see how much you learn in 1.5 hours. 

Anything else you’d like to share about your on-site training experience?

The courses are great and I can't wait to go through the rest of the courses.

I am totally in love with Umbraco 8, now than ever before, and I am going to try out some of the tips from the courses myself. 


A big thanks to Poornima for answering these questions - H5YR! 🙏🏼

Have you taken an Umbraco 7 course?

Then now's the time to improve your Umbraco skills! The bridging courses have to be bought and completed by the 31st of March 2020 in order to get the Umbraco 8 certification points.

This is the last time we're offering the Umbraco 7 to 8 Bridging Courses, so once they're gone, they are gone for good 😉 

Do you have some official Umbraco 7 skills, then your new Umbraco 8 skills are just right around the corner! 

We offer 5 different Umbraco 7 to 8 Bridging Courses. See if there's one or more you'd like while they're still here:

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Do you have an Umbraco Master title just like Poornima?

Then the Umbraco Master Bridging Bundle might be just what you need, to elevate your skills! And because you're master, you get a very friendly discount on the whole bundle.

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