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Case study


An Umbraco CMS study by Mardi Gras Digital


Jaktia is Sweden's largest retail chain for hunting, fishing and outdoor life, and they wanted to strengthen their position as experts and create a website fit to reflect that. Mardi Gras Digital had just the solution. Using the Umbraco CMS, they delivered a redesign of their website to transform Jaktia's online solution to an attractive new user experience. Let's hear it straight from Mardi Gras themselves!

Skills used

  • Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Headless CMS
  • Integrations
  • Mobile


  • Sport

Taking aim

When we first started our collaboration with Jaktia, we identified three main goals that they wanted to achieve:

👉 More customers finding Jaktia's products and services both online and in-store

👉 A stronger "we-feeling" between Jaktia, Jaktia's ambassadors, stores and customers

👉 A strengthened position as experts in hunting, fishing and outdoor life

These goals became the entry values for the new concept for Jaktia's brand new website, so that's where we started.


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The plan

Our collaboration started with looking at where feedback from users meshed with an understanding of internal processes, which would lay the foundation and set the framework.

This insight helped to establish personas and a plan for how jaktia.se attracts, converts and retains these people early on to achieve their goals. 

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We wanted to make the site easier to use, both for the visitor and the people who work with it. To achieve this, we wanted to use different types of integrations during this project, but Umbraco was a natural choice.

So we built Jaktia's new site on Umbraco CMS 7.14.0, that integrates towards and API, and then retrieves data from an Elastic Index for products. We also ensured that this tied with the e-commerce platform Enova, which they use for managing products. 

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A solution to attract and inspire

The Jaktia.se that you see today is a website that is clearly focused on the user experience. It is now easy to find the right information while solidifying Jaktia's inspirational reputation in the hunting industry. 

Thanks to this new ease in Jaktia's ability to produce such content, we can see more than a 50% increase of direct traffic.

The increasing mobile usage and the importance of search engine optimization has permeated the entire project and affected several of our design decision, both technical and aesthetic, and including one of the reasons we used Umbraco.

On mobile devices, we have seen a decreased Bounce Rate and increased Session Duration on the new website, suggesting an improved mobile user experience. 

"We want to help our customers with a good experience in hunting, fishing and outdoor life through knowledge, inspiration and involvement. This applies wherever they meet us, even online. For a long time, we have evaluated how we can improve our website to meet our customers' needs and now it is time to take a step forward."

Sarah Winckel, Digital Marketing Consultant at Jaktia

We believe Jaktia's new website will stand strong throughout the future, and form a stable strategy to reinforce Jaktia's expertise, attract more customers and to help Jaktia stores take the step out onto the internet. 

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