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Case study

Shamballa Jewels

Jewerly designer and internal and external order platform

Shamballa Jewels is a world-renowned jeweler offering superior quality, impeccable craftsmanship and unique fine jewelry designs. The company needed a new ordering system, which Compent developed using Umbraco and Ucommerce. The new solution was so good, that at Umbraco Awards 2018 it won the Best New Tech award! See how Compent did it:

Skills used

  • Ecommerce


  • Retail

Partner doing the case

The set up

Shamballa Jewels needed a new ordering system. We developed it using Umbraco and Ucommerce.

Among the unique features is a 3D jewelry designer for iPad/Desktop for retailers all over the world. The 3D jewelry designer can show all possible options for adapting and changing a piece of jewelry based on what is in stock, and information on what is in stock can be taken directly from Shamballa Jewels’ ERP system.

It has taken one and a half years to design the solution, starting with prototyping and analysis and finally implementation on Ucommerce/ Umbraco with .NET, Mongo, DB and Typescript.

The process

A part of the project concerned conversion and adaptation of all previous orders. This means customers can visit any Shamballa dealer and have possible changes to jewelry visualized by keying in their lock number.

When a bracelet, a necklace or other pieces of jewelry have been ordered from a dealer through the jewelry designer, the order goes directly into Shamballa Jewels’ ordering system.

We have developed the ordering system on top of Shamballa Jewels’ ERP and it handles everything from confirmation of orders, prioritization of orders, production of jewelry, forwarding and invoicing.

How it went and how it works

The main challenge was making a jewelry designer that worked without plug installation and on all main browsers and tablet devices with high image quality for jewelry beads.

We were investigating multiple plug-ins but came up with using a technology that has been available since 1997 – image map 😉

The jewelry designer is actually a very big image map, since it selects from 100 of GB of images automatically rendered out as single images from models in 3D studio max – saved in a media cloud as PNG - and positioned via a template system in Umbraco / Ucommerce to set up new templates by webmasters (components availability comes from ERP).

Therefore, each component is a PNG image (and PNG only uses space for what is image, not transparent area). In runtime there is no server side request. Everything is rendered out when loading the model as Typescript that makes the designer very fast.

What we accomplished

Customer experience

You can see what a piece of jewelry looks like in 3D before you order it. You can see all options and combine your own unique piece of jewelry on an iPad in the shop.



You can always see what is in stock and current prices are in the shop.

If you have already bought a Shamballa bracelet, you can see which options you have for modifications.


Fewer errors

The people who produce the items know exactly what has been ordered, they know the item number and they can see the visualization.


Fast delivery

When a piece of jewellery has been ordered, the customer and the dealer can see precisely how far it has come in the process until it is delivered to the customer.

"We have worked closely together with Compent for 2 years on improving our sales process. The new Shamballa Jewels retailer platform has optimized our internal process, external communication and most importantly the experience for our customers designing their personal jewelry. We are very happy with the result!"

Sofie Langebæk, Digital Project Leader, Shamballa Jewels

Winning awards, breaking records

The new solution won the Best Ecommerce Case at the E-handelsprisen 2019 awards, and was shortlisted in the Commerce category for the Danish Digital Award 2019.

Plus, the post-launch numbers are breaking records:

  • Reduced time spending on sales 40%
  • Order handling time reduced with above 60%
  • Delivery mistakes reduced with 80%
  • Better insight to customer behavior increased with 70%

Happiness post-launch

reduced order handling time
reduced delivery mistakes
increased better insight to customer behavior

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