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Create any website with the award-winning uSkinned platform for Umbraco.

Start with a professionally designed template or create your own, uSkinned offers more than a simple website theme. Whether you work in marketing for a large enterprise or run your own blog, our intuitive drag & drop editing experience is the perfect way to make your ideas a reality. 

Features include; Drag & drop editing, Modular components, Mega navigation, Global design editor, Responsive themes, Install multiple themes, SEO friendly, Social sharing, eCommerce, Videos, Umbraco Forms, Blogging, Activity dashboard, Instagram feeds, Animations, Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Recaptcha, Facebook Pixel, Twitter Pixel, Password protected, Third-party widgets, Extendable… plus lots, LOTS more!

Launch any website with uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 

The possibilities are endless thanks to award-winning responsive and extendable web design and development features from uSkinned. 

Watch our 2 minute explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNokdmKbSvc

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Multiple Award Winning Platform

Umbraco Package Awards 2023

uSkinned Site Builder, was inducted into the Umbraco Package Awards Hall of Fame for 2023. The judges said:

"Being included can be considered a huge accomplishment, as it indicates being a huge asset to the Umbraco package ecosystem and shows a consistent dedication to maintaining a high-quality package."

Umbraco Package Awards 2022 

uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco CMS won in the category 'Best Expansion' package. This award was voted for by Umbraco users and the final decision was made by a panel of expert judges.

The judges said: ''This is really well done and a dream come true for the low code people that want to create a site without involving months of development. The layout editor is amazing and the attention to detail in all their property editors is something everyone should take note of. The real-time designer integrates flawlessly with the preview mode and really shows off how you can expand on almost all functionalities of Umbraco.''

Umbraco Package Awards 2021

uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco CMS won in the category 'Best Theme' package. This award was voted for by Umbraco users and the final decision was made by a panel of expert judges.

The judges said: "What a superb package! There’s so much customisation that can be done in the back office and with custom property editors it makes everything very simple and intuitive to use. Starting from one of the lovely themes you can build a really impressive looking site with no code. The design preview feature is fantastic too; when in preview mode you can edit the design using the sidebar and you can save the changes right from preview."


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Create any website with a multiple award-winning platform for Umbraco

Launching a website that has the ability to grow and adapt to your own needs is one of the most important things an organisation can do. Whether you work in marketing for a large enterprise or volunteer at a non-profit, ease of use and flexibility within the CMS (Content Management System) will provide you with the tools to showcase and promote your organisation to the widest audience. Thanks to uSkinned, content editors from all walks of life have unlimited options to craft the perfect online home for their or their clients’ brands. 

There’s a range of advanced features built to look beautiful and work intuitively, marketing professionals, web designers & developers, digital agencies, start-ups and non-profit organisations can stay true to their vision and brand with uSkinned. Even if you’ve been working in web development for years you’ll still be impressed with everything that can be achieved. 

Flexible and intuitive content management is seconds away

Flexibility is at the heart of what content editors, designers and developers find so appealing with uSkinned. Out-of-the-box, the themes are responsive and ready to launch, simply upload your logo, customise the colour scheme and add your content and hit publish. Not only that, but uSkinned provides a wide variety of layout options - columns, full-width, grid and stacked content. And to make sure your website is truly unique, every element can be fully customised by content editors as they need it. For example, when creating a banner section, users choose between a variety of parameters to help it stand out, from a video or parallax image background to heading hierarchy and text alignments.

uSkinned offers advanced features built on top of future-proof technology. These include modular components, mega navigation, eCommerce, a fully-featured blog with categorisation, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, YouTube and Vimeo API integration, plus a host of SEO best practices and features that will ensure your website is found on all search engines. 

Don’t stop there — build anything!

If you need to extend or adapt the functionality provided then don’t worry, uSkinned coupled with Umbraco CMS has your back. You’ll have full access to the source code that powers your theme. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own website. 

Anywhere. Any time. Any device.

uSkinned theme designs are built for the responsive web and look stunning no matter the device, be it desktop, tablet or mobile. Your potential user base will be able to browse and get to know your organisation or service from the palm of their hand with ease. On top of that, your website will also be seen by the very people you aim to attract thanks to our wide range of SEO features, from meta titles and descriptions to SEO-friendly URLs and code.

Built with uSkinned. Launched by you.

Some of the world’s leading brands and development teams are already working with uSkinned Starter Kits to launch amazing new websites for themselves and their clients. Join thousands of users from over 85 countries and start launching better Umbraco websites today.

Free Trials Available

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