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Semrush: Umbraco CMS Integration

The Semrush extension for the Umbraco embeds the Semrush API and keywords research tool into a custom Content App that will enhance the editing experience.

When it comes to attracting visitors to your website, SEO is crucial. Keyword research is one of the most important tools to create an effective strategy and build a successful campaign.


With the Semrush integration, you will be able to get: 

  • Search volume: Get the average monthly searches for your keyword (global or nationally)
  • Keyword difficulty: How easy or difficult will it be to rank for this keyword
  • Results on Search Engine Results Page (SERP): Get the number of URLs displayed in organic search results for the keyword
  • SERP Features:  hover over the icons to see which special SERP features are present on the results page for this keyword.
  • CPC: See the average Cost-Per-Click that advertisers pay for a click on an ad for a given keyword on the search results page for the keyword.
  • Com: See the competition level of advertisers bidding on the keyword. A score of 0.00 is the lowest competition and 1.00 is the highest level. 
  • More features are available.

Is it free?

It is absolutely free to connect your Umbraco account with Semrush and start using the integration.  However, you need a Semrush account to use the keyword search tool, which is quite easy to create even without logging out from Umbraco. You can use a free account limited to 10 queries per day and 10 keywords. Also, you can use a free trial, or if you have an existing subscription plan, you can use it accordingly. See Semrush subscriptions for more details. 


How it works

To access the keyword search tool, please, log in to your Semrush account or register.  You may be authorized in Semrush both with their paid or free plans. .
After you click the “Connect” button inside your Umbraco account,  a Semrush managed static OAuth page will prompt for credentials or account registration. The editor will then be presented with the option to Approve or Deny the authorization process.

If approved, the system will request the access token from Semrush by routing the pipeline through the OAuth Proxy. The API will respond with an access token, an expiration timestamp, and a refresh token which will be saved serialized into the website’s database.

Query requests to Semrush will use the stored access token to retrieve data. On each content load, the Semrush API is pinged using a mock request to ensure the validity of the access token. If a 403 Unauthorized code is received, then a new request routed through the OAuth proxy server will be triggered but this time using the refresh token as input for retrieving a new access token.

Please, find more info about the integration and how to connect it here.


Technical details

Once the package is installed either from NuGet or via the zip file available at our.umbraco.com, the integration is made available in the Umbraco backoffice as a content app.

The interface is available for all types of content items and all user groups. Using an existing content field as a starting point or by entering a custom phrase, a keyword search tool can be made for different metrics across various markets.

Administrators are provided with additional features for managing the connectivity with their organization's account with Semrush.

  • Category: Campaign & Marketing
  • Premium: Yes
  • License: Free

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