Struct PIM

Take full control of your product information

Take full control of your product information and ensure a uniform product experience across all your channels.

Every feature in Struct PIM is purposefully designed to enable businesses to work efficiently and painlessly with product information - all in one single place.

Explore the features that makes Struct PIM the most powerful PIM system in the world by going through this page and exploring the screenshots.

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Build any product data model

With Struct PIM, you can easily build a customized product data model that fits your business needs. Its powerful built-in flexibility allows you to create any type of product data model without ever having to write a single line of code. Using building block-like elements, you can create a tailored solution for your business with ease.


Find & manage products and variants

Struct PIM makes it easy to find and manage products and their variants. Its advanced search engine and powerful bulk and mass editing capabilities make it fast and enjoyable to work with for any team involved in product information management.


Track progress with custom dashboards

Track your progress with Struct PIM's customizable dashboards. With personal or shared dashboards, you can create custom workflows tailored to your specific needs, increasing productivity by keeping everyone on track with the product enrichment progress.


Connect with anything externally

Struct PIM can seamlessly connect with any other business-critical system in your arsenal, such as ERP's or e-commerce platforms. You can use our growing list of standard connectors or REST API to establish connections with external systems. With Struct PIM, you can rest assured that your integration needs are covered.


Handle security & user permissions

Struct PIM takes care of your product data security by automatically backing up your data and providing control over user permissions. You can determine which users or groups of users have access to what information and whether they have editing abilities. This control extends down to a single attribute level, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure.

  • Category: PIM & DAM
  • Premium: Yes
  • License: Paid

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