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Check out the 2024 Umbraco Awards Nominees

Martin Wülser Larsen
Written by Martin Wülser

Lights off. Cue the music. 3,2,1 - GO! 🎉 On June 12, 2024, we’ll be celebrating the very best Umbraco solutions at the big annual Umbraco Award show! But we can already start the celebrations today, as we’re announcing the 2024 Umbraco Award Nominees 🤞 All of them are brilliant, clever, top-shelf solutions, and in just under a month we’ll annonce the winner in each category at the big show at Codegarden:

Picture of Umbraco Award trophies

This year's submissions 

With close to 100 submissions from 66 different web agencies from around the world, it’s needless to say that, yet again, the selection process has not been easy for the jury! 

This year we’ve added two new categories to the awards: Best Umbraco Commerce Solution and Most Innovative Solution. The jury has been very impressed with the submissions under these new categories, showcasing the uptake of Umbraco Commerce where both Umbraco CMS and Umbraco Commerce play a vital role in bigger tech stack solutions. When it comes to innovation, there’s no denying that AI is a popular theme. Here we have seen several solutions where AI capabilities have been implemented directly into Umbraco CMS in smooth and clever ways, taking content editing to the next level. 

By going through all the submissions for each of the categories, it’s clear that many high-quality and inspiring Umbraco solutions have been built within the last 12 months. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s submitted 🙏 It’s been a pleasure and insightful to review all the great submissions. 

Now, let’s name the final 2024 Umbraco Award and Package Award nominees: 

The 2024 Umbraco Award Nominees

Nominees for: Best Umbraco Cloud Solution

  • Visarc with Digital Experience Platform for KGM UK
  • Hugo and Cat for American College Of Surgeons
  • Toxic Interactive Solutions for K.W. Bruun Automotive and Opel

Nominees for: Most Innovative Solution

Nominees for: Best Editing Experience

Nominees for: Best Designed Site

Nominees for: Umbraco Commerce solution

Nominees for: Best Partner Solution

Nominees for: Jury's Choice Award

But what about the “Best Green Solution”? 

Unfortunately, we didn’t see the interest we had hoped for in the “Best Green Solution” this year. In fact, we only had one submission to the category, which meant that it wouldn’t be a competition, and not suitable for the Awards format.

Instead, we would like to recognize and praise Yoyo Design, who submitted a great-looking and well-performing solution as an entry to the category.

The entry is called: “Society Search: Evolving the customer-facing website using Umbraco” and the redesign of Society's website led to an impressive 96% reduction in CO₂ emissions associated with each page visit. You can watch the entry video here.

The solution is a great example of how to consider sustainability in a web solution and we want to shine a light on it both to recognize the creators, but also to inspire others to submit solutions to this category in the future. The purpose of this category is to inspire agencies around the world to create more sustainable web solutions, and to show that there is no single road to sustainable web design, but a number of great ideas and initiatives that others can learn from.

We will be showcasing the Yoyo solution at Codegarden at the “GREEN TABLE TALK: Making web-development more sustainable” at the “Table talks” area, Thursday at 3:30 PM where we will also facilitate discussions about what it takes to move our industry in a greener direction. I hope to see you there!

The nominees for Umbraco Package Award 2024

Confetti cannons at Codegarden

The Umbraco package ecosystem holds a special place in our hearts, and at the Umbraco Awards, we dedicate a unique category to celebrate and honor new and established packages. These packages are available through Umbraco Marketplace and every one of them contributes big and small to the Umbraco experience! Let’s salute them 🎉

The nominees for the Umbraco Package Award 2024 are: 

We can hardly wait to announce the winner of Best Package 2024 📦

New additions to the Umbraco Package Hall of Fame ⭐️

Last year, we introduced the Umbraco Package Hall of Fame, an honor title bestowed upon packages that are well-established, highly acknowledged in the Umbraco ecosystem, widely used across Umbraco projects, and represent a significant accomplishment. This title signifies a package as a vital asset to the Umbraco package ecosystem, reflecting a consistent dedication to maintaining a high-quality package.

This year, we proudly welcome uMarketingSuite by uMarketingSolutions and Skybrud Redirect by Anders Bjerner into the Umbraco Package Hall of Fame 👏👏👏 

This addition makes the Umbraco Package Hall of Fame look like this 

The jury members of the Umbraco Awards 2024

The 2024 jury has been put together by talented and dedicated Umbraco experts from the Umbraco eco-system from around the world. A special shout-out to all the jury members 🙌

Picture of Peter Gassiraro

Peter Gassiraro

Managing Partner at Durable Digital

Bolette Kern

Bolette Kern

DXP Product Owner at Umbraco HQ

Nadine Clarke

Nadine Clarke

Strategy Partner at Tangent

Martin Wülser

Martin Wülser

Business Excellence Manager at Umbraco HQ

Picture of Amalie Wowern

Amalie Wowern

Team lead at Knowit Experience 

The jury members of the 2024 Umbraco Package Award

Nora Kuhn

Nora Kuhn

Founder / Web developer at isicore GmbH 

Richard Ockerby

Richard Ockerby

Founder / Tech guy at

Picture of Büşra Şengül

Büşra Şengül

Developer at true Digital

Ronald Barendse

Ronald Barendse

Senior Developer at Umbraco HQ.

Andy Neil

Andy Neil

Freelance Umbraco Developer

Big congratulations to all the nominees!
The final winners will be awarded at the big Umbraco Awards show on Jun 12, 2024 🏆

Grab your Codegarden tickets now, join the celebration as well as 3 days packed with exclusive learnings and insights!

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