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Introducing Umbraco Commerce 12.1

Unleash the power of headless commerce

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Written by Matt Brailsford

We are thrilled to announce the release of Umbraco Commerce 12.1, with a new feature that will enable a true omnichannel online shopping experience – the Umbraco Commerce Storefront API. This release brings a host of new capabilities that will reshape the way you can use your online store, offering seamless cart management and checkout processing through headless architecture. Let's dive into the exciting features that await you 🏊

Get a head start with the Storefront API

The star of the show is the all-new Storefront API, a game-changing headless API that brings a new dimension to cart management and checkout processing. This API empowers you to build omnichannel experiences that were previously beyond reach, making your e-commerce venture more versatile and engaging. It's true headless commerce, enabling you to offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers while maintaining the flexibility to adapt and innovate.

The Storefront API is designed to handle every aspect of cart management and checkout, mirroring the features of the core C# API. It provides two distinct checkout methods: a preferred "redirects" approach and inline/onsite checkout endpoints. Whether you prefer streamlined redirection or on-site payment processing, the Storefront API has you covered.

New APIs can be daunting but we’ve got your back. Get a detailed technical overview of the Storefront API, explore the all-new documentation including how to get started, in-depth explanation of concepts and approaches, and Swagger documentation. 

See it in action ▶️

Complementing the new headless API are two online demo stores for you to explore. Here you can see how the Storefront API for Umbraco Commerce can be implemented, complete with checkout flows:

Vercel Commerce Demo

Experience the official Vercel Commerce demo powered by the Storefront API. Witness the seamless integration of the latest NextJS features, offering a glimpse into the endless possibilities. 

Explore the Vercel demo

Umbraco Headless Demo

Our very own demo solution takes the showcase a step further. With the design of the official Umbraco swag store reimagined in a headless manner, this demo exemplifies every aspect of the Storefront API, including complex variants and a comprehensive search/filter system. 

Discover the Umbraco Headless demo

UmbraCoffee demo

Or why not dive into a demo of the Storefront that I did for UmbraCoffee a couple of Fridays ago (thanks for the invite Callum and Marcin):

Seamless Integration with Umbraco Content Delivery API

To further enhance your experience, Umbraco Commerce 12.1 introduces updates to the core property editors through Value Converter enhancements. These updates ensure compatibility with the Umbraco Content Delivery API that shipped with Umbraco 12, ensuring a smooth flow of product data from content to your storefront.

These updates bring even more power to your hands, delivering Storefront API models for store pickers, localized and formatted prices for price fields, and a custom multi-variants model for the variants property editor.

More Enhancements and fixes

Beyond the Storefront API, Umbraco Commerce 12.1 also includes a range of other improvements:

- To allow showing a real-world payment provider example in the headless demo, we made an update to the Stripe payment provider (version 12.1.0) to allow using its callback endpoint to initiate a payment intent for use in the inline payment form example.

- Templating functionality added to payment provider settings, enabling dynamic value resolution for a personalized touch.

- Default order number template set to `ORDER-{0}`, streamlining order identification.

- Fixed default Product Adapter to ensure accurate property value fallbacks for child node-based variants.

- Introduction of `IProductSnapshotWithImage` interface, exposing product images in product snapshots.

- Added ability to adjust the SameSite / Path settings of the Umbraco Commerce cookies

Get your hands on the latest Umbraco Commerce

You can either create a new installation using the package available from the link below or upgrade an Umbraco 12 project.

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Umbraco Commerce can be found on Umbraco Marketplace and the latest versions are on the usual Nuget feed.

If you’re new to Workflow, the documentation site will help get you up and running, and you can read more about pricing and licensing on the product page

For bug reports, head to our issue tracker, and for product feedback and inquiries, reach out to

Now, enjoy Umbraco Commerce 12.1🙌

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