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New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Ana-Maria Ajudelui

Welcome Ana! 👋

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Written by Ana-Maria Ajudelui

Meet our new intern, Ana! She moved to Denmark at the age of 18 to study and start building her dream career ✨ And we hope that her internship at Umbraco is going to be an inspiring and helpful part of her journey 🤓 What is her internship about? And who is Ana really? She's here to tell you all about it: 

Hello everyone 👋

My name is Ana-Maria Ajudelui and I just started my journey at Umbraco HQ as a part of the “SUITS” team.

My job consists of sales operations, which includes helping the account partners, business intelligence, making reports as well as helping grow the market.

I am so excited to be a part of this team and I’m really looking forward to getting many exciting tasks 😊

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About me

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Monument in Mangalia

I’m 21 years old and I’ve been living in Odense for 3 years now. I come from a historical city called Mangalia, which is an ancient Greek colony known as “Callatis” and which is situated on the seaside in Romania. 

If I had to describe myself I could say that I am a  sociable person, responsible and very ambitious. When I want to achieve something I really go for it, no matter how much effort it takes.

I’m currently studying International Sales & Marketing at University College Lillebælt, in Odense. The reason why I came to Denmark is to continue my studies and start building a career in the field I have chosen.

Ana Working

Ana on the job 🙌

I truly believe that having my internship at Umbraco is going to have a significant impact on that! For me, Umbraco is so much more than a company. Since my first interview, I was so impressed by their friendliness, professionalism, and the vibe you feel once you enter their door. I already feel like home there 🏠

To me, it is very important to feel comfortable in the workplace while still working hard to fulfil the tasks. I am also working on improving my Danish skills, since my plans are to stay in Denmark when I am done with my studies.

How I spend my time when I’m not at Umbraco HQ

One of the things I love to do is spending my free time with my fiancé, and even if we go out to eat, for a walk, visit his family or just relax at home, it is always very “hyggeligt”. A fun fact is that we were born on the same day, so on our birthday, we give presents to each other 🎂🥳

Last year our family became bigger when we got our dog, Hachi, which literally adds sparkle to our lives... He is very funny and sweet ✨🐾 🐶

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Meet our dog, Hachi ❤

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Another thing that I enjoy doing is travelling and discovering new places and cultures, as I’ve always been a curious person looking to expand my perspective on the world and what is happening around me. During my school years in my home country I have been involved in many international projects where I had the chance to explore other parts of this world and meet new people. ✈️

Usually, when I don’t choose to travel abroad I can just spend my vacations in Romania on the seaside 🌊 during the hot summers, and during the winter I can go to the mountains ⛰️ for the heavy snow, beautiful landscapes and of course, Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania 🧛

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Bran Castle known for the Dracula Legend

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Postavaru Mountains

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Mamaia, Constanta

Other than that, I like going out with friends to a café or a restaurant, but sometimes I simply choose to spend time by myself, listening to music or baking some recipes that I found ☕🎵🍰

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My first weeks at Umbraco have been really nice. I met a lot of friendly and interesting colleagues and I participated in many introduction sessions. I also started to work on various tasks related to picking up new leads and transforming data into insights.

I just can’t wait to put into practice my knowledge and achieve positive results. I’m so ready to learn a lot of new things and improve my skills. I feel impatient and optimistic to see my achievements during these months and my evolution, both personal and professional.

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